Ohrenfeindt – Tanz nackt

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

The rockers from the hood strike again. Just over one year ago, “Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll” (Two Fists for Rock’n’Roll) was released. The extensive tour of the album is just over. And then they went back to the studio. After the change to the Metalville label Ohrenfeindt published in August the successor ” Tanz nackt.” (Dance naked.). This is already the eighth album of the trio from Hamburg St. Pauli. The name Ohrenfeindt stands for many years for handmade, hard oldschool Rock’n’Roll in the best tradition of AC / DC or Rose Tatoo. Each year, their year-end concerts at the Grünspan in Hamburg mutate into a big family reunion.

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And already at the first song “Porschekiller” the Kiezrockers clearly show where it’s going on this time. Handmade Rock’n’Roll, heavy sound, heavy guitars, the bass is buzzing, and the drums set the pace. But the trio also shows that despite all the heavyness it has a knack for melodies. “Voodoo” rocks away funny, with a little less speed. And a text that appeals to me in particular. Since I’ve heard this song, I’m wondering who feeds my voodoo doll too much. “Where just the waist was, is now probably a little more”. It is exactly like that. With ” Nichts kann dich bremsen” (Nothing can slow you down), you can hear an almost mainstream-like melody, without, however, complimenting one another. Why not, that shows the whole range of the band. On the other hand, “Schmutzige Worte”  (Dirty Words) sounds like blues, with Southern Rock quotes.

At the beginning of ” Wenn das alles nichtmehr wehtut” (If all this does not hurt anymore) the Hammond organ wafts, which is always present later. The text is untypically serious, appropriate to the topic of a divorce. For Ohrenfeindt-circumstances this is the ballad of the album. Goose bumps are provided by the harmonica played by Chris. But the highlight for me is the title song ” Tanz nackt” (Dance naked). Also, here Ohrenfeindt show of their melodious side that culminates in a amazing guitar solo of Keule. In contrast, “Rock n Roll Psychiatrist” is a real neck breaker, true to the motto “Do you have to rock? .. Here eardrums are massaged “. Rock is still the best medicine. And finally, there is much fun again. Here comes the “Bum Bum Ballet”. Once again, you can headbang and let your hair fly. As you can hear in the text, this is a really fat Rock’n’Roll smasher.

auf die Show zu Weihnachten steigt immens.

I’ve not heard any bad album of the hood rocker. “Dance naked” is no exception. The quality of the predecessor is not quite reached, but you can still hear a three-quarters of an hour high-quality handmade Hard Rock / Blues Rock, …. Only the outro ” Tanz nackt…Reprise” (Dance naked … reprise) would have been dispensable. but that did not spoil the positive overall impression. On the contrary, the anticipation of the show for Christmas is increasing immensely.

Pictures: Ohrenfeindt

Ohrenfeindt – Tanz nackt: https://youtu.be/LPrzFgGde30


Chris Laut – Bass, Dobro, Vocals, Harp
Andi Rohde – Drums, Vocals
Pierre “Keule” Blesse – Guitars, Vocals

Label: Metalville

Out: August 31st 2018

Playing time: 47:54


  • Porschekiller
  • Voodoo
  • Hallo, Frau Doktor
  • Nichts kann dich bremsen
  • Schmutzige Worte
  • Wenn das alles nichtmehr wehtut
  • Nix zu verlieren
  • Tanz nackt.
  • Rock n Roll Psychiater
  • Sechser im Lotto
  • Bum Bum Ballett
  • Tanz nackt…Reprise

Rating : 8/10

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