Alice In Chains ‘Rainer Fog’

Album Review By Adam McCann

BMG/AIC Entertainment – 2018 – Alternative/Grunge/HardRock

Five years have passed since Alice In Chains (AIC) released their excellent ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ album. This was an album that was so good, it left fans of AIC begging for more, yet following an extensive tour with Ghost and high-profile festival appearances, it was time for the band to rest up and take a break. The rumour mill began to rumble again around 2016 when it was announced that the band would begin working on their next album and two more years would pass before AIC would release their next studio album ‘Rainer Fog’.


‘Rainer Fog’ follows on perfectly from the previous two albums and as expected it contains some beautiful vocal harmonies between William DuVall and Jerry Cantrell alongside some phenomenal song-writing. Although ‘Rainer Fog’ is still well within AIC’s comfort zone, the band have expanded on the mould set out on the previous two albums. Where once AIC were cutting edge with their droning gloomy music, their sound is now refined and although the band have lost none of their gloom, the band have delivered an album which is mature, refined with age and that will have a broad spectrum of appeal. ‘Rainer Fog’ is droning enough to appeal to the younger generation of heavy metal fans, but also melodic and polished enough to hit the Billboard, tweaking the interest of mainstream hard rock fans or those who were there first time round in the 90’s with tracks; for example ‘So Far Under’ would not be out of place on ‘Alice In Chains’ alongside the expansive ‘Red Giant’, whilst the sombre ‘All I Am’ and ‘The One You Know’ where AIC seemingly address those still sceptical of DuVall’s credentials over a decade in the band, are perfect examples of AIC in the 21st Century.


Following their return, AIC have gone from strength the strength, they have aged gracefully with their fans and whilst ‘Rainer Fog’ may not have the hunger of ‘Facelift’ or the earth-shattering popularity of ‘Dirt’, AIC have indeed managed to pull one out of the hat and it may just be one of the best albums this year.


Rating : 94/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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