Hatchet ‘Dying To Exist’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Combat Records – 2018 – Thrash Metal

In their 12 years of existence, Hatchet have managed to chop their way through the metal deadwood, to prove themselves to be one of the premier young thrash bands. Unlike many of their peers who draw inspiration from the likes of Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth, Hatchet dig beneath the surface and although it is possible in their music is hear Slayer, within their music, audible is also Testament, Exodus, Death Angel, Vio-Lence and Nuclear Assault. Three years have passed since the release of the last Hatchet album ‘Fear Beyond Lunacy’ and following a change of records to Dave Ellefson’s resurrected Combat Records label, Hatchet have released their latest album ‘Dying To Exist’.


With ‘Dying To Exist’, Hatchet have not only amped up the volume and production, but alongside this, the band have certainly put a significant focus on the way that the songs are written and crafted and because of this, Hatchet have come a marathon distance since their debut album with excellent tracks such as ‘Silent Genocide’, ‘Warsaw’ and Slayer-esque ‘Descent Into Madness’. Vocalist Julz Ramos screeches his way through the album like the bastard love child of Paul Baloff and Steve Souza, but ‘Dying To Exist’ keeps both feet firmly planted in the present with a thrashing overtone that would appeal to fans of Power Trip, Warbringer and Havok; the latter of which can be seen during the excellent twin guitar harmonies and bass runs during ‘Desire For Oppression’. However, this album does not forget its roots and frequently nods back to the Halcyon days of thrash in the 1980’s, particularly with a cover of ‘World In A World’ by Vio-Lence.


Hatchet have made huge leaps forward with this album and whilst the album is still a little rough around the edges, ‘Dying To Exist’ is hugely enjoyable; there is no pretention and playing at rock stars, it is just good, honest thrash metal.


Rating : 73/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann



Disturbingly Good


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