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It was a bang. Three years ago, the former members of the symphonic metal band Krypteria formed a new band with the somewhat unwieldy name of “And Then She Came”. In an interview, the musicians explained that they wanted to use this name to stimulate the fans’ imagination, and provided some interpretation possibilities. Musically, both bands are quite different. The quartet felt like something new. That was clearly heard on the debut album. For the successor, ATSC have taken two years’ time. Since September, the album is in the record shops and download portals.

And Then She Came continue exactly where they left off on their debut. They really start rocking right from the start. However, this time they seem a bit more melodic. Already on the opener “Sick of You” more catchy melodies can be heard. Also, worth watching is the videoclip the band produced for this song. This continues with the following songs. So, you can listen to refrains in “Perfect as You Are” as well as in “Just Just Trust Myself”, which invite you to sing along. “As the Battle Rages On” sounds for something harsh and experimental, enriched with industrial elements, some of which get out of hand in sound painting. As a contrast, in the second half will hear a brilliant guitar solo. In “Devastation Anyone” the quartet rocks tough straight forward. In contrast, “More Than Everything” is much quieter, sometimes almost like a ballad. The darker, slightly rougher timbre of Ji-In really comes into its own here. And on “White Dog” I’m reminded a little bit of the latest album by Hailstorm. And with “Into the Open”, ATSC have also packed a song with airplay quality on the album, featuring catchy melodies and choruses. And right after that’s at the end you can hear another song that is radio-ready, the beautiful ballad “Unbroken”.

Recently I listened to the last album of Krypteria (“All Beauty Must Die”). I was surprised how many sound parallels there are to the current album. “KAOSYSTEMATIQ” is less experimental than the debut. The musicians obviously put more emphasis on melodies this time, without giving up alternative and industrial influences. Unlike its predecessor, there are now more songs with hit potential. Here should be especially mentioned the two songs at the end of the album. Ji-In convinces again with an excellent vocal performance. There are always filigree guitar solos to hear, while bass and drums provide a lot of power. And Then She Came have obviously found their style. And place 51 in the German album charts is the deserved reward for it.

AND THEN SHE CAME – Sick Of You [Official Video]:


Ji-In Cho – Vocals
Olli Singer – Guitar
Frank Stumvoll – Bass
Michael “S.C.” Kuschnerus – Drums

Label: DME GmbH

Out: September 21st, 2018

Playing time: 42:40

Track list:

  • Sick of You
  • Perfect as You Are
  • As the Battle Rages On
  • Come On, Come On
  • Devastation Anyone
  • More Than Everything
  • Shine on Supernova
  • White Dog
  • I Just Cannot Trust Myself
  • Into the Open
  • Unbroken

Rating : 8/10

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