Sodom ‘Partisan’

Album Review By Adam McCann

SPV Steamhammer Records – 2018 – Thrash Metal

It had seemed that Sodom were back in the saddle in 2016 with their last studio album ‘Decision Day’. However, the success which that decent album brought was short-lived with guitarist Bernemann and drummer Makka leaving Tom Angelripper to once again return to the drawing board and re-assemble another line-up. Angelripper surprised the heavy metal world by recruiting Husky drummer of Asphyx, guitarist Yorck Segatz from Beyondition and former Sodom and Kreator guitarist Frank Blackfire, with the band releasing testing the waters with the EP ‘Partisan’.


Unlike a lot of recent EP’s by bands which stretch into the 30-40-minute mark, this new incarnation of Sodom manages to keep things short and sweet by appeasing fans with two new songs alongside a blistering live version of ‘Tired & Red’ from their seminal ‘Agent Orange’ album. The EP shows that with this change, Sodom have lost none of their bite, yet Angelripper approaches this new line-up with the trepidation of returning to long-term relationship following a significant break. However, the title track packs plenty of punch, but by the same token, manages to stretch out a decent idea, whereas ‘Conflagration’ is equally enjoyable, but ultimately fails to commit to memory.


‘Partisan’ is what it is, it is nothing more than a stop gap for the band, allowing the band the cash in on this new line-up whilst the band prepare their next studio album; it leaves this EP appealing to hardcore Sodom fans and collectors only.


Rating : 66/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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