Fifth Angel ‘The Third Secret’ Album Review

Fifth Angel ‘The Third Secret’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Napalm Records – 2018 – Heavy Metal

After beginning their career magnificently with their eponymous debut album (1986) and their following album ‘Time Will Tell’ (1989), the career of Fifth Angel came to a very quick and abrupt end in 1990. Other than a one-off show in 2010, 27 years would pass before the band would put together their official long-awaited reunion with the band releasing their third album ‘The Third Secret’ one year later.


‘The Third Secret’ is everything that fans of Fifth Angel have been waiting for, it carefully follows in the footsteps of the bands self-titled debut album, but now, instead of the youthful ambition that drove them originally, the band have an experienced air of maturity about them which shows how each of the bands members have grown in their time apart. However, the biggest noticeable change is the switch of Kendall Bechtel from guitars to vocal stand. This change brings about a warm familiarity to Fifth Angel with Bechtel’s excellent raspy vibrato appealing to fans of Ronnie James Dio and Pretty Maids, whilst still being very much able to tackle the soaring power metal pipes that would grab the attention of Vicious Rumors, Crimson Glory or even Savatage with tracks such as ‘We Will Rise’, ‘Dust To Dust’, ‘Stars Are Falling’ and the slow smouldering of ‘Can You Hear Me?’ being exceptionally good.


Without a doubt, ‘The Third Secret’ is a worthy instalment into the Fifth Angel catalogue, it does lack that final killer touch that boots it into the upper echelons of their debut album.  However, ‘The Third Secret’ is a solid album that is very enjoyable and is one of the albums of the year that should be heard.


Rating : 86/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann