Beautiful Skeletons
Label: Wormholedeath
Out: May 10th, 2024
Playing time: 25:54

In 2018, singer Tina Firefly and guitarist Einar Einarsson founded the Alternative Metal band Beautiful Skeletons. The project took off in 2021. However, it was slowed down by line-up changes, but also and above all by the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, two singles were released. One year later, the first EP ‘Vegvisir’ was released. Another EP, ‘Temperance’, was released in May of this year.

After a short introductory bass line, ‘Letter To A Narcissist’ develops into a partly hectic mid-tempo song. Tina Firefly’s vocals sound deliberately strange at times. She doesn’t shy away from nasty screams either. The categorisation of Alternative Metal fully applies here. In contrast, ‘Only Zuul’ is darker and more mystical. No longer quite the untamed brute force. It’s very similar with ‘Victim Loop’. But here, too, there are once again hectic melodies and weird-sounding vocal passages. ‘Butterfly Pinned Under Glass’ then tends towards a ballad. However, the basic vocal orientation doesn’t change too much here either. The final song ‘Upside Down Song’ also starts quietly. Later it becomes more powerful, but without leaving the mid-tempo range.

It’s clear that Tina Firefly’s vocals definitely characterise the sound of the songs. The instrumentation takes a back seat. Although solid technically, it is little more than an accessory.

Beautiful Skeletons – Letter to a Narcissist:


Tina Firefly – Vocals
Einar Einarsson – Guitar
Jason Johnson – Bass
Huwy Williams – Drums

Track list:

  • Letter To A Narcissist
  • Only Zuul
  • Victim Loop
  • Butterfly Pinned Under Glass
  • Upside Down Song
  • Overall Rating - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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