Captain Hawk
Ghosts of the Sea
Out: April 3rd, 2024
Playing time: 43:33

“Captain Hawk – Ghosts Of The Sea” is the newest Rock Opera from Elina Englezou (“Goditha – The Rock Opera”), again in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind, Warrior Path, Stray Gods, ex-Serious Black etc.). The latter was also responsible for the production, mixing and arrangements. The two were able to inspire a large number of singers from their home country Greece. Bob also played most of the instruments himself.

“Northern Winds” naturally begins with the sound of the sea and a ship’s bell. After a few spoken words, it becomes epic. With a slight shanty flavour. Fortunately, without too much bombast. “Into The Storm” starts with an old folk tune that underpins the initially calm vocals. But later on, the rocking starts again. “In The Captain’s Quarters” starts with a pirate choir. Apart from that, the rocking orientation continues. A vocal duet can be heard. Unfortunately, the press information is silent about which singer can be heard in which song. The only bombast that can be heard are the vocal parts, which could have come from a musical. And so, it goes on. “The Crone” starts with the sound of the sea, “Get The Pistol!” with rhythmic tapping, epic choruses and strings and even features individual double bass parts, “Ghosts Of The Sea” with orchestration and another sound of the sea, but also siren chants. It is also somewhat calmer, a power ballad. Also, the other songs start with a more or less maritime beginning and then become rocky later (“Father”, “Diamonds, Emeralds & Rubies”, “Coming Home”). Only “Daughters Of The Ocean” is a little out of the ordinary. Here, beguiling siren vocals dominate for long sections.

What can I say, “Captain Hawk – Ghosts Of The Sea” is a typical Rock Opera. And then again, it’s not. There are many epic passages to be heard. But without overdoing it. And most of the songs follow the same style – maritime or pirate-typical introductions, later pleasing-sounding Rock. There are also excellent vocal parts, sometimes spoken word. Fortunately, there are no real opera singing passages. The whole thing sounds more like a musical. Fans of both Symphonic and Melodic Rock will get their money’s worth here. As a Metal fan, however, I would like to hear something a little harder from time to time.


Yiannis Papanikolaou (Captain Silas Hawk)
Stratis Steele (Quartermaster Ian Smythe)
Marios Karanastasis (First Mate Pete Glynn)
Christos Kounelis (Navigator Mister Thomas Knox)
Mike Livas (Demon Vythos)
Iliana Tsakiraki (Siren Thelxie)
Fany Melfi (Sea Witch Nerissa)
The Fantasy Choir (Pirates & Sirens)

Bob Katsionis – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum programming
Elina Englezou – Balalaika, Ocarina
Aggelos Pavlos – Violins
Vassilis Koilakos – Ud

Charalambos Stergiopoulos – Fantasy Choir Conducting
Thanassis Pelekanos – Fantasy Choir Arrangement

Track list:

  • Northern Winds
  • Into The Storm
  • In The Captain’s Quarters
  • The Crone
  • Get The Pistol!
  • Ghosts Of The Sea
  • Father
  • Diamonds, Emeralds & Rubies
  • Daughters Of The Ocean
  • Coming Home 
  • Overall Rating - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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