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December 3, 2021
Playing time: 43:21 / 43:21

Nothing is as constant as inconstancy. That probably describes the line-up changes of the Symphonic Metal band Coronatus from Baden-Wuerttemberg best. The only constant for years is drummer Mats Kurth. This is particularly noticeable on the microphone. Sometimes two female singers, sometimes three. And then again with male support. This does not change on the tenth album “Atmosphere”. From the previous album “The Eminence Of Nature”, only violinist Kristina Jülich is left. But that didn’t stop mastermind Mats Kurth from producing ten songs again. Let’s hear how the new comrades-in-arms did.

After the “Intro”, typical Coronatus music can be heard on “Justice In The Sky”. Bombastic orchestral and choir arrangements alternate with heavy riffs and the double bass of the band leader. At first, Leni Eitrich’s mezzo-soprano is beguiling. But also, the rock-voice Moni Francis is convincing. I think especially the latter brings a new vocal Colours to the Coronatus universe. A good midtempo introduction. With “To The Gods Of Wind & Sun” the album picks up speed. Without leaving the mid-tempo range significantly. “Firedance” then offers the first surprise. The guitars sound more metallic than before. The chorus is simple and easy to sing along to. A song for dancing along and headbanging, at first. But the middle part sounds very untypical for the band, almost swinging. “The Distance” starts minimalistically with plucked acoustic guitars. This ballad features a beautiful duet between the two singers. “Williwaw” bears the subtitle “A Musical Tribute To Nightwish”. And indeed, one believes to recognise quotations of the Finns from their early years (with Tarja). However, the power of their sound is not quite reached, Nightwish were already playing in a completely different league back then. It becomes medieval with “Time Of The Raven”. Two more songs with strong folk influences follow (“The Swarm”, “Keeper Of Souls”). The biggest musical surprise, however, comes at the very end. “Big City Life” could have come from films like “Cabaret” or even “The Blues Brothers”. There is so much drive in it. Here Moni shows how much soul is in her voice. On the second CD you can listen to all the songs again in instrumental version.

I know a lot of Coronatus albums. But “Athmosphere” is probably the most varied and ambitious work in the band’s more than twenty-year history. And in my opinion also the best. Whether Mats has found his dream line-up here? I don’t know. I only hope that at some time there will be some stability. The musicians can go on like they did on this anniversary CD.

Coronatus – Time Of The Raven (Official Video):


Moni Francis – Gesang
Leni Eitrich – Gesang
Axel Grill – Gitarre
Mark Knaus – Bass
Kristina Jülich – Violine
Mats Kurth – Drums

Track list:

CD 1

  • Intro
  • Justice In The Sky
  • To The Gods Of Wind & Sun
  • Firedance
  • The Distance
  • Williwaw (A Musical Tribute To Nightwish)
  • Time Of The Raven
  • The Swarm
  • Keeper Of Souls
  • Big City Life

CD 2

  • Intro
  • Justice In The Sky (Instrumental Version)
  • To The Gods Of Wind & Sun (Instrumental Version)
  • Firedance (Instrumental Version)
  • The Distance (Instrumental Version)
  • Williwaw (A Musical Tribute To Nightwish) (Instrumental Version)
  • Time Of The Raven (Instrumental Version)
  • The Swarm (Instrumental Version)
  • Keeper Of Souls (Instrumental Version)
  • Big City Life (Instrumental Version)
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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