Dead City Ruins – Never Say Die

Album Review by David Kerber

Australia is the home of some good rock bands, AC / DC and Airbourne are probably the best known, but there are also some gems off the big stage. For example, Dead City Ruins from Melbourne, who recently released their third album Never Say Die. Musically, the Aussies are most likely to go towards Southern / Stonerrock.

In contrast to the two previous albums, the songs on Never Say Die are all quite short. Except for the bouncer, none of the 10 tracks exceeds the 4-minute mark. As a result, the songs are of course very compact and come straight to the point, but it also lacks the extensive guitar solos, which are known to be the salt in the soup. Or in other words: No sooner did you like the song than it’s over again. But that’s the only drawback I could find.

Because musically and vocally the album is at a very high level. Great riffs and melodies form the basis of the songs and are supported by crisp rhythms and powerful vocals. Two soulful ballads are of course also there and provide a little variety.

Never Say Die continues where the self-titled predecessor left off. High quality songs to which you can really rock. There is nothing left to be desired except for the lack of playing time (just over 30 minutes without bonus tracks).

Dead City Ruins – Dirty Water:


Jake Wiffen – Vocals
Tommy Cain – Guitars
Sean Blanchard – Guitars
Matthew Berg – Bass
Nick Trajanovski – Drums

Label: AFM Records

Out: April 13th 2018

Duration: 43:14

Track list:

  • Devil Man
  • Bones
  • Dirty Water
  • Rust and Ruin
  • The River Song
  • We Are One
  • Destroyer
  • Raise Your Hands
  • Lake of Fire


  • Devil Man (Live)
  • We Are One (Live)
  • Bones (Live)

Rating : 8/10

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