69 Chambers – Machine Album Review

69 Chambers – Machine

Album Review by Rainer Kerber

69 Chambers were founded in 2009. In the same year, the debut album “War On The Inside” was released. Three years later, the Swiss released the successor “Torque”. It was followed by an extended tour of Europe whose highlights were probably the appearances at the Metal Female Voices Fest and the Montreux Jazz Festival. At the firts I was able to experience the band live. After that, the band took a longer break. While singer and bassist Nina Vetterli-Treml worked as a car journalist, guitarist Tommy Vetterli reactivated his old band Coroner. Well, six years later there is again a sign of life of the trio. With “Machine” album number three appears. The melodies and lyrics were written by Nina, and the eleven songs were produced and mixed by Tommy himself.

The first minute of “Deceleration”, the musicians actually could save the effort. After the quite trivial intro, the song bangs smashing out of the speakers. Above all, Nina Vetterli-Treml ensures with its bass line for extreme sound pressure. Her unique voice is a perfect match. But also, Tommy Vetterli shows his skills on the guitar. In “F.Y.L.”, Diego Rapacchietti almost drums his soul out. In contrast to this tempo are quieter vocal passages. The title song “Machine” is borrowing features from the industrial sector. The voice of the singer is partly electronically alienated. But of course, the clear vocals are not missing here either. However, the refrain sounds disarming.

And as varied as the album started, it continues. Whether doomy (“Who Am I”), classical straight forward rocking (“Happiness”) or tough grooving (“Serpent Of Hypocrisy”), the trio masterfully presents a wide range of different musical influences. With “Loaded Gun” is also a balladesque song on the album. But even with this (semi-) ballad the musical heavyness can be heard, which has always distinguished the compositions of the trio.

For a long time 69 Chambers have excited their fans in suspense. And it’s all the more pleasing that the Swiss now come back with a thunderclap. With “Machine” the musicians release a worthy follow-up album to “Torque”, as if there had not been a long break. Varied compositions and a powerful modern production characterize the album. I would be happy to see the band live soon. And dear Swiss, do not let six years pass until the next album

69 Chambers – F.Y.L. (Song Stream): https://youtu.be/AhiW7-0yI7o


Nina Vetterli-Treml – Vocals & Bass
Tommy Vetterli – Gitarre
Diego Rapacchietti – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: May 25th 2018

Duration: 51:03

Track list:

  • Deceleration
  • Y.L.
  • Machine
  • Little Bird Of Death
  • Who Am I
  • Happiness
  • Métamorphose
  • Loaded Gun
  • Chemical Poetry
  • Quantum Wave
  • Serpent Of Hypocrisy

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber