Dead Lord
Century Media
March 11, 2022
Playing time: 27:25

Since their founding in 2012, the Swedish rockers have released four studio albums. Most recently “Surrender” in 2020. Singer and guitarist Hakim Krim is named as the band’s founder (source Wikipedia). Adam Lindmark was added as the drummer. Since they could not find any other musicians in their hometown Växjö (southern Sweden), the two moved to the capital of Sweden. However, both comrades-in-arms from the early days are no longer on board. And there is one more change to report. After the album debut “Goodbye Repentance” was still released via High Roller Records, the band signed a record deal with Century Media. The following three albums were all placed in the German Top 100. Now the EP “Dystopia” was released.

The closing song “Dystopia” of the last album “Surrender” (2020) gave this EP its name. And is right at the beginning of the six songs. Obviously in an edited version. With it the Swedes start right away. And cover themselves almost. Excellent the interplay of the two guitarists. Thin Lizzy send their regards. Also, the following songs are cover versions. So, the D.A.D cover “Sleeping My Day Away”. And that sounds significantly heavier than the original. Honestly, I can’t decide which of the two versions I like better. I feel the same way about “Ace In The Hole” (Winterhawk), although here the differences to the original are more obvious. The version of the Swedes is more rocking than the bluesy original song.  On “Hands Down,” they dare to take a cue from Rory Gallagher. A skillful mixture of blues and rock. “Moonchild”, on the other hand, seems to be the band’s own creation. Again, a bit faster rocking. As the EP began so it ends, with a song from the current album, “I staden som aldrig slumrar til”.  This is the Swedish version of “‘Letter from Allen St.”. It really booms to the end.

“Dystopia” is listening pleasure from the first to the last minute. Why only I have not heard anything from this band before. There is definitely something against me. But the EP is a good suggestion to listen to the earlier releases. Only the CD cover picture I find a bit cheesy.

Dead Lord – Sleeping My Day Away (D-A-D Cover):


Hakim Krim – Vocals, Guitar
Martin Nordin – Guitar
Ryan Kemp – Bass
Adam Lindmark – Drums

Label: Century Media

Out: March 11th, 2022

Playing time: 27:25

Track list:

Side A

  • Dystopia
  • Sleeping My Day Away
  • Ace In The Hole

Side B

  • Hands Down
  • Moonchild
  • I staden som aldrig slumrar till
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover Art - 7/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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