Dee Snider Twisted Sister Front man unleashes his new solo cd. Being a fan for many years I anticipated this release greatly. First off it’s Dee Snider not Twisted…So no need for the comparison again. That being said onto the album.

“We Are The Ones’


Track 1. We are the ones…Title track and a great anthem rocking song to start the album similar feel to some of his Sister’s anthems and a fantastic way to start off the cd!

Track 2. Over Again…A straight ahead rocker with a very catchy chorus!

Track 3. Close To You…Starts off ballad like (a dark ballad) but builds into a heavy chorus. A haunting yet great track!

Track 4. Rule The world…Very modern rock sounding track, very comparable to today’s artists and Dee pulls it off. Cool track!

Track 5. We’re Not Gonna Take It…Yes a remake of the anthem. Stripped down to the bare bones of a piano and Dee’s powerful vocals. I was skeptical at first before hearing it but I was definitely blown away…it is well done and with the great vocals the message is still intact.

Track 6. Crazy For Nothing…upbeat modern sounding rocker, good track!

Track 7. Believe…Once again another modern rock song and very catchy!

Track 8. Head Like a Hole…Another cover song and well done!

Track 9. Superhero…Modern sounding rocker and quite enjoyable!

Track 10. So What…Acoustic based angry track, great vocals and a great ending to the cd.

So, instead of just going into autopilot mode and creating a Twisted sounding record, Dee Snider choose a different path and released a fantastic album. Yet completely different from Twisted Sister and cheers to that. Well done Mr. Snider looking forward to listening this one over and over and to more future solo albums. It’s not Twisted Sister. It’s Dee Snider and cheers on the album.

Dee Snider “We Are The Ones” Available @itunes, Amazon

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