The Seven Laws
Out: April 5th, 2024
Playing time: 29:13

Empiric are a Spanish/Brazilian Heavy Metal band. The self-titled debut album was released in 2018, the year the band was founded. Six years later, the second album “The Seven Laws” was completed. A large number of high-calibre guest musicians were recruited for the album, above all Sascha Paeth (Avantasia), Chris Caffery (Savatage) and Doug Scarratt (Saxon). So that should guarantee quality.

“There’s More Power” starts immediately with heavy riffs. And these also characterise the sound later on. Singer JP sings with a slightly raspy voice. You can also hear polyphonic vocals in the chorus. And JP proves that he is also an excellent guitarist with his solo. “With Your Desires” starts with a strong bass line and accentuated drumming. The guitar sounds funky in places. But there are also plenty of hard riffs for your ears. And as a special surprise, you can also hear two instruments that are atypical for Metal, trumpet and trombone (large trumpet). And again a strong guitar solo. “Don’t Stop It” is then characterised by somewhat faster riffing. Trumpet and trombone are also used here. There is also a catchy chorus. “Karma” is enriched by a guitar solo from Sascha Paeth. Once again, funky guitar sounds can be heard. The duet partner is the Swedish singer Eddie Lejhagen (Grayscale Season). “Step Into The Unknown” is dominated by fast, hard riffs. Here, too, a big musician contributes a strong guitar solo – Chris Caffery (Savatage). And it continues with guest appearances. Tonio Ruiz is responsible for the riff-dominated “Mission”. And the fourth guitarist in the group is Doug Scarratt (Saxon) on “Don’t Forget”. It really gets rocking. This song would also fit well on an album by the British Heavy Metal legends. The final song “Live In The Moment” has to do without any guest appearances. But that doesn’t mean a loss of quality, of course. This rocker is the crowning finale.

Empiric deliver almost thirty minutes of classic Heavy Metal on “The Seven Laws”. An album without any gaps. Every song has hit potential. The only downer is the short length. It could have gone on for at least another quarter of an hour.

Empiric – Don’t Forget: https://youtu.be/E0nELIoou3k?si=bVsGMdupU0wBTvSU


Luís Mariutti – Bass
Chus Gancedo – Drums
JP aka Juan Pablo Agudelo Cardona – Guitars, Vocals


Solo on “Karma”: Sascha Paeth
Solo on “Step Into The Unknown”: Chris Caffery
Solo on “Mission”: Tonio Ruiz
Solo on “Don’t Forget”: Doug Scarratt
Additional Vocals on “Karma”: Eddie Lejhagen
Trumpet on “With Your Desires” and “Don’t Stop It”: Gustavo Caluga
Trombone on “With Your Desires” and “Don’t Stop It”: Marcelo Véliz

Track list:

  • There’s More Power
  • With Your Desires
  • Don’t Stop It
  • Karma
  • Step Into The Unknown
  • Mission
  • Don’t Forget
  • Live in the Moment
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover-Art - 7/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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