Exiled Hope
Blood Of The Ancients
Out: June 12th, 2024
Playing time: 08:18

Exiled Hope is the project of multi-instrumentalist Sofia Frasz. The musician from Maryland (USA) founded it in 2019 and has released two albums, several singles and one EP to date. The song “Blood Of The Ancients” was already released in April 2023, and since Sofia is very proud of it as a songwriter, she recently released a lyric video. So this is a re-release. The “B-side” is an orchestral version of the song. “Blood Of The Ancients” will also be featured on the upcoming third album “Apocrypha”.

I have listened to the two previous albums. And I have to say, with “Blood of the Ancients” you can clearly hear a further development in the direction of Metal. The drums boom and whip the singer mercilessly. Of course, there are always keys and synths to be heard. On the albums, however, these were usually quieter and clearly determined the sound. Not so here, instead they are used in a song-orientated way. And the guitar solo Sofia delivers here is impressive. And I think her vocals have improved a lot. The same song is also available as a Cinematic version. Without any loss of unbridled power. The vocals are replaced by keyboard sounds here.

If Sofia Frasz actually plays all the instruments herself and doesn’t use computer sounds, then the single is an outstanding musical achievement. We can definitely look forward to the album that will be released later this year.

Exiled Hope – Blood of the Ancients (Official Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/e18x_qLSRLs?si=fyGDUSdit-Bz-Nob


Sofia Frasz – all instruments and all vocals

Track list:

  • Blood of the Ancients
  • Blood of the Ancients (Cinematic Version)


Disturbingly Good


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