Burning The Night
November 19th, 2021
Playing time: 46:59

What do Kings Winter, ElisaDay or Stellar Void have in common? Married couples produce metal albums together. And at a high level, too. With Ewiniar, another couple now joins this list. Katarina and Marin Tramontana live in Split, Croatia’s second largest city. After releasing two singles in September and October, the debut album “Burning The Night” was released in November 2021. The album was mixed and mastered by Theodor Borovski in Moscow’s Slaughtered Studio. Let’s listen to how this mixture of dark metal and melancholic rock sounds.

With the opener “Against The Stream” you hear doomy sounds. Quietly contemplative. Katarina’s charismatic voice gives you goosebumps right from the start. And her husband provides an impressive sound background. This continues with “Under the Stars”. The powerful bass lines accompany the clear vocals. Reminiscent of Tristania, but without any growls. An outstanding guitar solo rounds off this song. With “Years Of Heaven” you might not believe that only one musician is responsible for the instrumentation, the sound is so complex.”Mother” is a beautiful (power) ballad. Male spoken words and the beguiling vocals are accompanied at the beginning by synths, choruses, acoustic guitars and discreetly used rhythm instruments.  The latter, however, give this ballad real sound pressure later on. With “Midnight Sun”, the Croatians immediately follow up with another ballad in folk style. But Ewiniar can also do something different, as they prove with “Suspiria”. A fast rocker that is somehow located in the intersection of Nightwish, Delain or After Forever. But back to Gothic Doom. That’s exactly what “Until The End Of Time” offers, followed by “Seekers Of The Sense”, which follows in a similar vein. Less doom, but more gothic rock of the Eighties. The title track “Burning The Night” is at the end of the album. Here they really rock out again.  Epic choruses and synths can be heard. And the drums, mixed into the foreground, set the pace.

With “Burning the Night”, Ewiniar have made a good album debut. The sound is excellent for a two-man/woman band. Marin Tramontana is a real multi-instrumentalist. He masters all instruments about equally well. The compositions are varied. And although the songs can be pigeonholed, the Croatians have managed to bring in their own touch.

Ewiniar – Years of Heaven: https://youtu.be/2P8kxLFpiUk


Katarina Tramontana – Vocals, Lyrics
Marin Tramontana – Music, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drums

Track list:

  • Against The Stream
  • Under The Stars
  • Years Of Heaven
  • Mother
  • Midnight Sun
  • Suspiria
  • Until The End Of Time
  • Seekers Of The Sense
  • Burning The Night
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 7/10
  • Song Writing - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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