Corn Ritual
Label: Gio Smet Records
Out: May 10th, 2024
Playing time: 20:17

Fragmentum hail from Lokeren (Belgium). If the press release is to be believed, they “bring a breath of fresh air to the metal scene”. They combine melodic darkness with a modern touch. The band was founded in 2015 by singer/guitarist Jan Bruggeman and guitarist Gunnar Nopens. After one EP, two studio albums and various singles, the EP “Corn Ritual” is now in the starting blocks.

There are spherical soundscapes at the beginning of “Corn Ritual”. But after just a few seconds, the guitars kick in. Heavy riffs dominate, but there are also subtle hooks. Evil growls can be heard. However, these seem melodic. This interplay of riffs and melodic guitars continues on “A Sense Of Fear”. “Saviour Of The Tribe” starts with piano sounds, which are later almost drowned out by the riffs. The growls continue to be melodic. The double bass can also be heard frequently. However, this does not lead to an increase in tempo. This only occurs on “Ghost Of The King”. Here, the guitar riffs are the driving force. There is then a fast guitar solo in the middle section. The mid-tempo closing song “Mighty Wing” is again characterized by riffs.

Even though there are many guitar riffs on “Corn Ritual”, these are mostly pushed into the background by the calm but powerful growls. Only one or two guitar solos can keep up in terms of power. Dark sounds run through this EP. Even if one would wish for a little more variety, it is an EP worth listening to.

Fragmentum – Corn Ritual:


Jan Bruggeman – Vocals, Guitars
Gunnar Nopens – Vocals, Guitars
Jeroen Van Wauwe – Bass
Wouter Macaré – Drums

Track list:

  • Corn Ritual
  • A Sense Of Fear
  • Saviour Of The Tribe
  • Ghost Of The King
  • Mighty Wing


Disturbingly Good


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