Venue: Marias Ballroom, Hamburg-Harburg
Date: November 13, 2021

For a long time, it was quiet in the concert scene, too quiet. But little by little there are more and more live events. Although there are still cancellations at present, despite 3G, 2G or whatever the “secret recipes” are called. So, the Hamburg rock band Frollein Motte (formerly known as beige) was able to resume a beloved tradition. A final concert in their “living room” Marias Ballroom in the middle of the Phoenix district in Hamburg-Harburg. This evening was held under 2G conditions (meaning only vaccinated and recovered people). At the same time, a livestream was broadcast. I had finally decided on the latter.

As support, Frollein Motte had invited JaKaNa, a Hamburg pop-rock band around singer Jacqueline Schreyer. And this 153 cm small bundle of energy stepped up to spread good humour and a positive mood. Her musical comrades-in-arms made sure that this was achieved. So there were then song titles like “Glücksmoment” (“Moment of happiness”), “Liebes Herz” (“Dear heart”), which underlined this strikingly. And singer Jacqueline does not seem to know “Lampenfieber” (“Stage fright”).

Setlist JaKaNa:

  • Seit du da bist
  • Plusquamperfekt
  • Angekommen
  • Ein Lächeln
  • Liebes Herz
  • Glücksmoment
  • Stimmen
  • Lampenfieber
  • Mir reicht´s…
  • Ein bisschen
  • Feuerwerk

After a short break, Frollein Motte entered the small stage in the Ballroom. This time, the singer did not make her way through the fans standing in front of the stage as usual. She had not expected so many people. in the audience However, from the last shows I saw, only the Mottlau couple was left. One personnel issue right at the beginning, the long-time former drummer Niko was back. And obviously also the elemental violence of beige, as I had loved them for many years. After the somewhat disappointing performances of the last few years, this seemed to me like the rebirth of old strengths.The twenty songs of the evening came from both creative periods of the band, old beige hits like “Das Frollein”, “Kompliziert” (“Difficult”) or “Laut” (“Loud”) were celebrated as well as songs of the Frollein Motte era (“Nein heißt nicht ja”(“No does not mean yes”), “Hinter der Gardine” (“Behind the curtain”), “Papiermädchen” (“Paper Girl”), “Am Ende meines Lebens” (“At the end of my life”)).  Fortunately, there was no break, all the songs were played with the very beige power. And during “Das Fenster” the band traditionally collected donations for the charitable foundation Dunkelziffer e.V.. The band could not avoid an encore. So, everything as before? In principle, yes, but I still can’t get used to the slightly unwieldy band name. How I’d love to sing along again “Wir sind anders, wir sind beige!” (“We are different, we are beige!”). And I missed this song (“Beige City”), it’s one of my favourite beige songs.

Setlist beige:

  • Nichts ist umsonst
  • Das Frollein
  • An so einem Tag
  • Königreich des Nichts
  • Fan
  • Nein heißt nicht ja
  • Kompliziert
  • Mein Herz
  • Papiermädchen
  • Schaufenstermann
  • Hinter der Gardine
  • Endlich
  • Am Ende meines Lebens
  • Laut
  • Jenseits vom Abseits
  • Ich bin raus
  • Manchmal
  • Das Fenster
  • Dein Kleid


  • Freunde

A good opening band and Frollein Motte in top form. And good sound and picture quality in the stream. The atmosphere in the hall was amazing. The fans danced along from the first to the last minute. It could have been an (almost) perfect evening. But unfortunately, the streaming server of TixForGix did not play along. Again and again, there were drop-outs or time-lapse sections, which somewhat impaired the enjoyment of the music. I hope and wish that all this Corona shit will be over soon and that I can go to concerts again without any worries.

The pictures are screenshots from the livestream. The setlist was courtesy of the bands.


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