Lucifer IV
Century Media Records/Sony Music
Out: 29. October 29th, 2021
Playing time: 45:50

Lucifer are based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The band is international. In the past probably more than today. Obviously, singer Johanna Platow Andersson is the only non-Swedish. But she has also lived in the Scandinavian country for quite some time. She also founded the band in Berlin in 2014. Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Blue Öyster Cult, among others, are cited as influences. More than two hundred live shows are on the books, in Europe, Canada, the USA and Japan, as well as at many festivals. And in October, the fourth album was released. As with their predecessors, they simply numbered them consecutively. Reminds me somehow of Led Zeppelin or Danzig.

With “Archangel Of Death” there’s a real banger at the beginning. The song is so retro. The guitars are literally howling. And singer Johanna Platow Andersson has a lot of blues in her voice. But the vocals have been heavily technically processed. Surely the front belter doesn’t need that. Never mind, the guitarists make up for it with their solos. It’ s a completely different story with “Wild Hearses”. It clearly goes in the direction of early Black Sabbath. The absolute highlight for me. Also, because I am a big Sabbath fan.  What a contrast “Bring Me His Head” provides. Much more rocking. Does a touch of 70s Alice Cooper come through here? The great organ introduction does honour to “Mausoleum”. And you almost don’t believe it. For all the power spread so far. The short instrumental interlude “The Funeral Pyre” is a heart-touching ballad, strings, piano and acoustic guitar. What more do you need? Instead, “Cold As A Tombstone” stomps along sublimely. This Rhythm and Blues song has a heavy psychedelic edge. It brings back memories of The Devils Blood. “Nightmare” then sounds appropriately very dark, partly disturbing. Not only thanks to the rolling thunder at the beginning. The quieter “Orion” also spreads a psychedelic atmosphere shortly before the end. The last song, “Phobos”, is a bit more rocking again. But without spreading the fear that is in the name. At least not musically. Instead, the two guitarists shine for one last time.

It takes a few listens until “Lucifer IV” achieves its dark and morbid effect. This is also due to the fact that there are hardly any catchy tunes on the album. But with this bluesy and doomy sound structure, I don’t think that’s absolutely necessary. You are literally overwhelmed by the elemental force that pours out of the speakers. A very good album. For connoisseurs.

LUCIFER – Crucifix (I Burn For You) (OFFICIAL VIDEO):


Johanna Platow Andersson – Vocals
Nicke Andersson Platow – Drums
Linus Björklund – Guitar
Martin Nordin – Guitar
Harald Göthblad – Bass

Track list:

  • Archangel Of Death
  • Wild Hearses
  • Crucifix (I Burn For You)
  • Bring Me His Head
  • Mausoleum
  • The Funeral Pyre
  • Cold As A Tombstone
  • Louise
  • Nightmare
  • Orion
  • Phobos
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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