Gentle Savage
Midnight Waylay
Grey Beton Records
Release Date: June 17, 2021
Country: Finland

A Bit Of Rock N Roll, with a blend of Country, With Hard Elements, Comes With Something Amazing! Isn’t That Savage

Finland’s Gentle Savage is not new to the hard rock world, they been making singles for last couple of years and 2021 marks the outstanding hit on the world with their outstanding hard rock debut “Midnight Waylay”

The 9 tracked album is beautifully crafted with precisely selected songs to go perfect for this album. Each song has something to offer.

You won’t find the same sound, each song has it own progression of music and each has kept its difference make it sound easy on the ear.

Vocals: Tornado Bearstone has an outstanding vocals, without any flaws, he does what he does in a perfect way.

Jay B on Drums, Vance Bead on Bass, Tim O’ Shore on Guitars and Theo on Keyboards, each one of them have done a great work on this outstanding album.

What does this album offer: For fans of Hard Rock, Rock N Roll, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Country Rock, you name it you have everything in this.

Song writing is another notable thing on this album, Not just a crappy songwriting here, It’s totally moon struck.

What is my favorite track: It’s hard to choose in my honest opinion as each has been done so amazing, Just take a listen to this album, you will know what i mean.

They can be the next big rock act from Finland to the World, these fine young gentlemen deserves World’s attention.

Overall this album is massive for any genre of Rock fans, it’s like a magic that mesmerize you in every possible way.

Like The Band Says “Treat Yourself and Let our Magic In, We Will Take Care Of The Rest”

“Midnight Waylay” Track List:
1. Karelian Magic        
2. Personal Hades        
3. YNAMW       
    (You Never ask Me Why)
4. Into The Abyss        
5. Honey Bunny        
6. After All                        
7. Run Run Poor Boy 
8. Livin’ It Up        
9. Carry The Fire        

The Band

Tornado Bearstone, songwriter, vocals and guitar
Jay B, drums and backing vocals
Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals
Tim O`Shore,  guitar and backing vocals
Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals

Music Videos

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Twitter @GentleSavageX
YouTube – –

  • Album - 10/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Song-Writing - 9/10
  • Overall Output - 10/10


Disturbingly Good


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