From Midland And Beyond
Label: Wormholedeath
Out: December 16th, 2022
Playing time: 18:29

Hartlight are the brainchild of Noémie Allet and Adrien Djouadou. Founded in 2019 in Switzerland (Lausanne). Vocalist Noémie is responsible for the compositions while Adrien takes care of the arrangements and plays the instruments. With this sharing of work, three singles were recorded in 2022 and the first EP was released in December. The Swiss define their style as Power Metal with Symphonic elements. The EP was first released on the Bandcamp site. Then the label Wormholedeath became aware of the duo. Currently, the musicians are working on their debut album and are looking for comrades-in-arms to present the songs live on stage as well.

After the short introductory sea noise, you hear a Classic Power Metal song with “The Merrow’s Chant”. And those who don’t like opera metal are in the right place. Noémie Allet has a powerful and expressive Rock voice. And although Adrien Djouadou plays all the instruments himself, the sound is very balanced. However, his best side is probably the guitar, as the solo proves. The rhythmic “Be Blessed” is hardly calmer. Here, too, vocals and guitar are the band’s showpieces. And they have a talent for beautiful, but still rocking melodies. And I think the high-pitched metal screams you occasionally hear are Noémie’s. Here the symphonic elements (keyboard melodies and epic choruses) also come more to the foreground. “The Eclipse” starts with devilish sounding laughter, followed by heavy doom riffs. And again the high Metal screams. In places the song is ballad-like, with a lot of power. But not throughout. Especially the drums often drive forward. And I think the growls are from the mastermind himself. The final song “Into The Realm Of The Elves” is a straight rocker.

“From Midland And Beyond” is a good first sign of life from a band that is currently still a two-woman/man project. When the last note has faded away after eighteen and a half minutes, you wish it would go on. So all that remains is to listen to the four songs again. One can definitely be curious about the debut album of the Swiss.

Hartlight – Be Blessed: https://youtu.be/6Ud6w8Ca-Ug


Noémie Allet : Vocals, Songwriting, Llyrics
Adrien Djouadou : Guitar, Bass, Drums, Backings, Arrangements

Track list:

  • The Merrow’s Chant
  • Be Blessed
  • The Eclipse
  • Into the Realm of the Elves
  • Overall Rating - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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