Hanging On By A Thread
Label: Self-release
Out: September 1st, 2022
Playing time: 01:01:12

He comes from Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada), Kasey Haze. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, he was a member (and probably founder) of the Heavy Rock band Hellrazor. The debut album “Feel The Sting” (2006) also dates from this time, at that time still as a quartet. I don’t know what happened in the meantime. The next sign of life comes from 2020 with the second album “Hero No More”. Obviously, Hellrazor are a solo project by now. The follow-up “Hanging On By A Thread” was released in September.

The title track “Hanging On By A Thread” is right at the beginning. You can hear it immediately; the mastermind is a fan of 80s Glam Rock. Not as soft as various current representatives of this genre, but really rocking. Catchy guitar riffs and melodies, balanced sound. The guitar is obviously the instrument with which the singer feels most comfortable. The thundering beginning “First Blood” is in the same vein. Maybe a bit harder, but also in the midtempo range. With “Your Love Is So Bad” the Canadian picks up some speed. While “Dominator” is already real Speed Rock in parts. Glam Rock also has ballads. And of course, such a ballad is not to be missed on an authentic album. “Living Tomorrow In Sorrow” is simply heart breaking. And a short but brilliant guitar solo ensures that this is my favourite on the album. And so, it goes on, sometimes faster (“Me, Myself And I”, “Power And Influence”) sometimes a bit more worn (“Good From Far (Far From Good)”, “The Boy That You Once Knew”), Glam Rock just the way you want it.

Sure, Hellrazor hardly offer anything new. But Kasey Haze revives the Golden Age of Glam Rock. And as already said, he orientates himself on the sound of the eighties. And that’s what makes “Hanging On By A Thread” so worth listening to. Entertainment music on a high level.

Hellrazor – Hanging On By A Thread: https://youtu.be/c4kcsGqg8uM


Kasey Haze – Songwriter, Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Track list:

  • Hanging On By A Thread
  • First Blood
  • Your Love Is So Bad
  • Dominator 
  • Living Tomorrow In Sorrow
  • Me, Myself And I
  • Good From Far (far from good) 
  • Power And Influence
  • Out In The Cold
  • The Boy That You Once Knew
  • The Choice Is Yours
  • Overall Rating - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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