Out : January 27, 2023
Playing Time : 45:15

Hellproof is fresh blood in the metal music scene.

This is the first sentence of the extremely short press info. According to this, Hellproof play a mixture of Old-School and Modern Metal. Vocally, both screams and clear vocals can be heard. After a few years of practising and song writing together, the debut album “Supernova” has been on the shelves since January.

For Old School Metal, an “intro” is not necessarily the rule. And this one lasts forty-four seconds long and the acoustic guitar sounds quite contemplative. But already with the first regular song “Flame In You” the Poles show us where it’s going. Heavy Power Metal sound. But there are not the usual high Metal-Screams but nasty growls alternating with clear vocal passages. Exactly as the press info announced. And yes, it fits together. “Sky Wide Open” sounds more like Old School Metal. The guitars are a little quieter, followed by the growls and the vocals. “Burn Alive” sounds more modern again, Power Metal, which is also reflected in the vocal passages and screams. What was already apparent in the first songs can be clearly heard here, Hellproof place a lot of emphasis on catchy melodies. In the contemplative instrumental ballad “Prepare The Way”, acoustic parts can be heard again and again, alternating with keyboard sounds. But already in the title song “Supernova”, brute Metal forces break over the listener again. Without, of course, renouncing the melodic parts, which are much calmer. Back to Modern Power Metal it goes with “Bloody Game”. “The Colors” is the second ballad of the album. And this time it’s sung and screamed, but quietly, appropriate for a ballad.  With “Perfect Gift” there is also a Metal anthem on the album. The quiet “Outro”, characterised by spherical keyboard sounds, closes the regular part. As a bonus, there is the song “Koniec” (English: The End), which is sung in the native language of the musicians. Classic Hard Rock as the conclusion of a varied album.

In the past and present, I have already learned about many Rock and Metal bands from Poland. And Hellproof fit in seamlessly. They really bring a breath of fresh air into metal with their musical mixture. For me, “Supernova” is a recommended buy.

Hellproof – Flame in You (Official Video): https://youtu.be/pviuCtByKpM


Artur Matwiejczuk – Drums
Patryk Kowalewski – Guitar
Kamil Jakubowski – Guitar, Vocals
Janek Jaskólski -Bbass, Vocals

Label: Self-release

Out: January 27th, 2023

Playing time: 45:15

Track list:

  • Intro
  • Flame In You
  • Sky Wide Open
  • Burn Alive
  • Prepare The Way
  • Supernova
  • Bloody Game
  • The Colors
  • Perfect Gift
  • Outro
  • Koniec (bonus track)
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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