Clad In Black
Massacre Records
February 26, 2021
CD1: 34:51/CD2 : 57:23

In recent years, it has become a little quieter around Helstar. The last album “Vampiro” was released in August 2016, but that changed last year. In October, the single “Black Wings Of Solitude” was published, a small pre-taste of the new album, which was already in the works at that time. It will be released in February. Three original songs and three cover versions. But more about that later. The album will be released on vinyl as well as in a digipak with two CDs. The second CD features a re-release of the previous album “Vampiro”.

Sheep bleat at the beginning of “Dark Incarnation (Mother Of The Night)”. Then riffs roll out of the speakers in the best Black Sabbath tradition. The lower-tuned guitars create a gloomy atmosphere. Shortly after, the double bass drives and the guitars screech. The highlight comes with the fast guitar solo. We already know “Black Wings Of Solitude” from the EP of the same name. At the time it was almost a revolution, as it was the first ballad in the band’s history. On “Across The Raging Seas”, Helstar are much more powerful again, with fast, partly screaming guitars and drumming. Surprise. The first cover song was originally by Accept. The American version is very similar to the original, except for the vocals. Udo Dirkschneider and James Rivera are very different. But both versions are excellent, I can’t decide which version I like better. The next song is well-known. The Black Sabbath cover “After All (The Dead)” (“Dehumanizer”, 1992) also comes from the already mentioned EP. Another deep bow to the little man with the great voice, Ronny James Dio. The CD closes with the Judas Priest cover “Sinner”. The song sounds a bit more powerful than the original. That’s it for “Clad in Black”. If it

I’m not sure whether to classify “Clad In Black” as an album or an EP. I tend towards the latter. Of course, that makes me feel a little disappointed. So few new material after a four-year break. But the two new songs and the already known ballad are outstanding. The covers are also well chosen and excellently recorded. So, I see “Clad In Black” more as a complement to “Vampiro”. Especially where the own songs also fit thematically to the previous album. But I would have liked two / three additional new

HELSTAR – Across The Raging Seas (Official Single): https://youtu.be/xAhJZRo89BU


James “Vampiro” Rivera – Vocals
Larry Barragan – Guitars
Andrew Atwood – Guitars
Garrick Smith – Bass
Michael Lewis – Drums

Track list:

CD 1 – Clad in Black

  • Dark Incarnation (Mother Of The Night)
  • Black Wings Of Solitude
  • Across The Raging Seas
  • Restless And Wild
  • After All (The Dead)
  • Sinner

CD 2 – Vampiro

  • Awaken Unto Darkness
  • Blood Lust
  • To Dust You Will Become
  • Off With His Head
  • From The Pulpit To The Pit
  • To Their Death Beds They Fall
  • Malediction
  • Repent In Fire
  • Abolish The Sun
  • Black Cathedral
  • Dreamless Sleep
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover Art - 9/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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