Icy Steel-Through The Ashes (2016)

icysteel-throughtheashesTrack Listing

Disc 1: Before

  1. Last Man on Earth
  2. Fire and Flames
  3. The Day Became Night
  4. Ritual of the Wizard
  5. Last Thing to Destroy
  6. …And the Warriors Return
  7. Today the Rain Cries
  8. The Earth After Man

 Disc 2: After

  1. Bard’s Dreams in the Silent Woodland
  2. Ashes of Glory
  3. Inside the Glass Place
  4. Shaman’s Death
  5. The Weight of Signs

Classic heavy metal fans rejoice!Icy Steel has just released a double album that will fill your desire for modern heavy metal with a bit of an 80s sound mixed in.The first disc is my favorite,as it has several stand out songs.”Ashes of Glory”,is a beautiful and soulful ballad, that has an amazing guitar introduction.It is definitely a lighter raised in the air type of song.Another standout is”Inside the Glass Place”, which has a totally unique drum sound that gives it an island feel.The guitars  blend so well with the drums it is pure bliss.This whole album is a feast for the ears.The musicianship is top notch as are the vocals,which can range from soulful to incredibly powerful. The second album is an unplugged endeavor.It has a very atmospheric sound.Completely different sound wise from its set mate,it almost sounds like a different band. I enjoyed it as it showed a different side to the band.I would recommend this set to any true fan of heavy metal.

by Carole Bonner


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