Guns of Glory-Strafing Run (2016)

                                                                                   Track Listing

  1. gunsofglory-straflingrunRunning From You
  2. One You Need
  3. Devil In Me
  4. Don’t You Know
  5. Days in the Chain Gang
  6. Till We Die
  7. Move Aside
  8. Bad Boy Reputation
  9. Keep Your Jack
  10. I Don’t Get It
  11. Avenger
  12. Lay Down

This is the current release from these Finnish hard rockers. Strafing Run is very guitar driven, and has a sound reminiscent of classic AC/DC. The gruff vocals add a fantastic touch to the well written lyrics.The whole album has an unpolished production, which enhances the sound.There is not a bad song on this album. One of my favorites is “Bad Boy Reputation”.This song really makes you want to get up and dance.There is a clear punk influence in the song,which makes it even more appealing.”Lay Down ” is a bluesy slow tempo number that makes you appreciate the musicianship of the members. I highly recommend this album to fans of hard rock,it is that superb.

by Carole Bonner


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