Insomnium-Winter’s Gate (2016)

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Insomnium’s new Winter’s Gate record is going to be a huge success. I’m a long-time fan of the Melodic and Progressive Death Metal genres, speaking in general, and a big fan of Insomnium, being specific. I remember back in 2014, “Shadows of The Dying Sun” was a big success and I was waiting eagerly to the successor, and to be honest, I was amazed how Insomnium managed to do something completely different, yet powerful and melodic as well. I will not discuss about the lyrics and the story behind in this review, because I encourage each and every one of you to listen to it, all by yourself.
All along, the album is very tight and sitting very well, and has an Atmospheric continuum to the music. The wide use of Synthesizers are used here as well, which really adds up to the music. The lineup stays the same as from the previous record, which sits very tight and accurate, as it suits the band so well.The drumming and the bass playing creates a powerful rhythm section, while the beautiful lead guitars and powerful rhythm guitars alongside the wide use of synthesizers ended up in a 40 minutes long continuous masterpiece.
On the 2nd CD, you will find out a 41-minutes long 13-piece story told by the band – behind the scenes of the story of the album -for the fans of Insomnium in general, and in particular, for fable and storytelling fans, this is a huge addition to the album. I’ve never seen such a thing before in a musical release, and I think this really adds up to the whole experience behind the listening.
Overall, Insomnium managed to surprise me even to my high standards when it comes to Melodic Death Metal. I was a big fan of them and I will surely stay, and I encourage everyone to buy this record.It’s well worth it.

by Zohar Belkin

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