Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail II

Review  by Rainer Kerber

One year ago, “Prevail I” was published. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Kobra and the Lotus wanted to give their fans a double album. But the label disagreed. Purely financial reasons made sure that part two was published eleven months later. Of course, the anticipation of the fans on this album was great. In the meantime, the band was extensively present live on stage. For example, as special guest of Beyond The Black at the end of last year. Also, this fall you can see them live again on European stages – on the Female Metal Voices Tour 2018, together with the Butcher Babes and other excellent bands.

Kobra and the Lotus continue at the same level as Prevail I. Everything else would be more than surprising. After all, the sequel was recorded at the same time, as part of the same songwriting process. So, there is no further development or musical surprises to hear. With songs like “Losing My Humanity”, “My Immortal” or “Velvet Roses”, the Canadians reached a very high level and show once again how melodic power metal of the present must sound. The instrumental acoustic interlude “Ribe” and the beautiful ballad “White Water” provide a pleasant variety. In contrast, “Human Empire” and “You’re Insane” are real speed blasts songs. Here come memories of the beginnings of KATL. The highlight of the album is probably the anthemic “Modern Day Hero”. The album is completed by the acoustic version of “Let Me Love You”, a bonus track, as it could not be better.

Kobra Paige and her bandmates have also set standards with “Prevail II”. Regrettable that the two albums were not published together. This double strike would have got a fat ten as a rating. So only eight points remain. On the further development of the band may certainly be extremely curious. I am already looking forward to the Double Headliner Show in autumn.

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS – Losing My Humanity (Official Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/g1gI7bdXL5k


Kobra Paige – Vocals
Jasio Kulakowski – Guitars
Brad Kennedy – Bass
Marcus Lee – Drums

Label: Napalm Records

Out: April 27th 2018

Duration: 51:11

Track list:

  • Losing My Humanity
  • Let Me Love You
  • Ribe
  • My Immortal
  • Human Empire
  • Heartache
  • Velvet Roses
  • Modern Day Hero
  • You’re Insane
  • White Water
  • The Chain
  • Let Me Love You (Acoustic Version/Bonus Track)

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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