korn-the-serenity-of-suffering-album-art-suppliedHate them or love them, Korn is one of the best alternative metal/nu-metal bands out there. After going a little bit soft with their style, they come back with one of their heaviest albums ever. And it is not just heavy but well sorted too. Jonathan Davis, vocals are pretty good in that album and that was shown in “Rotting in Vain” track which was the first single they released from this album and there were many positive comments on it.

The album started with two solid tracks, “Insane” and “Rotting in Vain”. The latter is considered the best track of the album and there was some other tracks almost at the same level as it, such as “A Different World” ft. Corey Taylor of Slipknot, “Everything Falls Apart” and “Baby”, which is my second favorite after “Rotting in Vain”.

What I enjoyed the most while hearing this album are Jonathan’s harsh vocals, in addition to the heavy riffs they made the album groovier and heavier, heavier than their previous releases for the past decade or something.

Highlights: “A Different World” ft. Corey Taylor the mastermind of Slipknot. A pretty good collaboration between Corey and Korn, the song is catchy and reminded me of the old Korn. Generally the whole album is a reminder of the old Korn that we loved. I hope they release more albums like that in the future.

What I really didn’t enjoy in this album is the album cover, I don’t find any relation between it and the album itself. The could have chosen a better album cover suitable for the album’s dark atmosphere, but this shouldn’t affect the rating of the album negatively, but sometimes it affects it positively. So if you are a Korn fan or an alternative/nu-metal fan you would definitely enjoy this release.

My overall rating to this album is 8/10

Nabil Hassam / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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