Division Hades
Massacre Records
September 25, 2020
50:24/42:03 (Bonus CD)

When you read the names in the lineup, you think Lonewolf is a band from Germany. But no, Lonewolf come from the south-east of France, from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpe region, more precisely from the Olympic city of Grenoble. According to the press release, the French play true heavy metal, mostly German style. The band was founded in 1992. And is still active today, apart from the four-year break before the turn of the millennium. Since then nine studio albums have been released, all after 2000. So an anniversary album will be released in September, “Division Hades”. And that is committed worthy. With the bonus CD “Into The Past We Ride”. On it are ten songs from the previous work of Lonewolf, newly recorded by one of the best band lineups.

Clean, melodic guitars, an epic chorus and spoken words at the beginning of “The Last Goodbye”. Following, the song is initially more ballad-like. But later the riffs bang out of the speakers and the album takes off. Jens Börner’s singing reminds me a little of the early years of Chris Boltendahl. A good start with the second longest epic. With “The Fallen Angel”, the French really start shooting right from the start. Both guitarists fire riffs here again. And they are driven by the drummer. The guitar solos are also high-speed metal. The title song “Division Hades” also moves in speed metal regions, with the riffs as well as the solos and vocals. In addition to Running Wild and Grave Digger, Manilla Road had and still have had a great influence on the band. What is therefore closer than with “Manilla Shark” to dedicate a song to the 2018 dead singer of this band (Mark “The Shark” Shelton). In terms of sound, a monument is set here for him. Awesome! The instrumental interlude “To Hell And Back” shines with great hooks and bombastic choruses. “Silent Rage” offers the sound that has actually been expected from Running Wild for many years. But what is the Lone Wolf for? They put it on their album very easily. And knock out a huge guitar solo. The regular part of “Division Hades” ends with the nine-minute epic “Drowned In Black”.

The encore can be heard in the form of ten songs on a second disc under the title “Into The Past We Ride”. Old songs and rarities were re-recorded here. But from a different lineup. A full-fledged second album that begins with the calm intro “The Call”. Check out tips here include the speed cracker “Into The Battle We Ride” or the majestic “Forgotten Shadows”, in which Lonewolf have slowed down. Again, pay attention to the guitar solo. But the best has been saved for last, the great metal anthem “Erik The Red”.

Lonewolf have produced a real masterpiece with “Division Hades”. You can hardly play Power Metal better than the quartet from Grenoble. Varied songwriting, powerful sound and a great cover artwork. With this, Lonewolf lay claim to a top position in the album charts of 2020.

Lonewolf – Underground Warriors (Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/YvRHczX0l0U


Jens Börner – Vocals & Guitars
Damien Capolongo – Guitars
Rikki Mannhard – Bass
Bubu Brunner – Drums

Bonus CD Lineup:

Jens Börner – Vocals
Dryss Boulmédaïs – Guitars, Lead Guitar & Bass
Bubu Brunner – Drums


CD 1 – Division Hades

  • The Last Goodbye
  • The Fallen Angel
  • Division Hades
  • Manilla Shark
  • Underground Warriors
  • To Hell And Back (InstuMETAL)
  • Alive
  • Lackeys Of Fear
  • Silent Rage
  • Album - 10/10
  • Cover Art - 10/10
  • Song Writing - 10/10


Disturbingly Good


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