Long Distance Calling
How Do We Want To Live?
Inside Out Music
June 26, 2020

Can you practice social criticism with instrumental music? In my opinion this is very difficult, if not impossible, Long Distance Calling try it on their latest work “How Do We Want To Live?” nevertheless.

The overarching concept of this album is the consideration and analysis of the current relationship between man and machine, between artificial intelligence and basic humanistic values, between technological progress and the regression of personal freedom. There is also the question of how much technology is bearable for and can be used by people. Whether you hear this concept from the individual songs or not depends on the listener.

The album begins with a spoken word passage underlaid with music, which explains the word “curiosity” (curiosity) and explains advantages and disadvantages as well as the meaning for human development. Part 2 starts with drums and guitar in the usual Long Distance Calling tradition. Melodic, rocking and a little reminiscent of Pink Floyd without vocals. In the other songs too, spoken word parts are always used, in between there is also a cello or synthesizer to be heard and new riffs and melodies. In any case, you won’t get bored in the almost 53 minutes of the album, at least if you are willing to immerse yourself in the music and can do without (nowadays often meaningless) lyrics. However, also on How do we want to live there is traditionally a track (“Beyond your limits”) with vocals, this time performed by Eric A. Pulverich, who was previously unknown to me. He didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. He can sing, but he doesn’t have a distinctive, recognizable voice.

It makes little sense to emphasize individual songs, rather the music of the Munsterans resembles a symphony with several small movements. The total work of art counts and the individual songs are subordinate to the big picture. With this album too, the music of Long Distance Calling remains a matter of taste. Some celebrate the music, others just shake their heads, but one thing is as safe as head banging at a metal concert: the music is still not suitable for the masses.

Long Distance Calling – Voices: https://youtu.be/uWQQbQ9jqU4

David Jordan – Guitar
Florian Füntmann – Guitar
Janosch Rathmer  -Drums
Jan Hoffmann – Bass

Track list:

  • Curiosity (Part 1)
  • Curiosity (Part 2)
  • Hazard
  • Voices
  • Fail /Opportunity
  • Immunity
  • Sharing Thoughts
  • Beyond Your Limits
  • True / Negative
  • Ashes
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover Art - 7/10
  • Songwriting - 7/10


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