Magick Touch
Heads Have Got To Rock’n’Roll
Edged Circle Productions
June 26, 2020

Another band from Scandinavia, more precisely from Norway. Norway, along with neighboring Sweden, is considered the cradle of black metal. But other genres are also represented. For example, the pioneers of Gothic Metal, Theater of Tragedy also from Norway. Hard Rock and Power Metal are also represented (Triosphere, Sahg). The latest example of this variety is Magick Touch, which is also dedicated to Hard Rock. Because, among others as role models called Judast Prist, Saxon and Rainbow. “Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll” is the third album of the group founded in 2015.

“(This Isn’t) Your First Rodeo” rocks right away. One could say that NWOBHM meets Motörhead. Not vocal but definitely musical. Very catchy. The next catchy tune follows with “Watchman’s Requiem”. The mid-tempo anthem “To The Limit” is the musical highlight of the album for me. A song that should ensure a good mood at every party. In “Love Is A Heart Disease”, the Norwegians poach a little in the realms of Lordi or Kiss. In contrast, “Ready For The Quake” sounds slightly doomy. “Bad Decisions” cheerfully quotes Thin Lizzy. This is followed by a beautiful ballad with “Phantom Friend”. “Daggers Dance” is a slightly lively dance number. On “Doomsday I’m In Love” the trio tries to sound like Black Sabbath. Not bad, but I’ve heard that better.

“Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll” could very well have originated in the eighties of the last century. However, Magick Touch are trying to incorporate too many different styles into songwriting, with varying degrees of success. HK Rein is a good singer, but not an outstanding one. He copes with the good mood songs quite well. But there are also songs where his voice doesn’t really fit. And somehow the recognition value is missing. The Norwegians should maybe focus more on their strengths on the next album next album. The partly uninspired mix of styles has spoiled a better rating.

Magick Touch – Bad Decisions:


HK Rein – Guitar, Vocals
Bård Nordvik – Drums
Christer Ottesen – Bass, Vocals

Track list:

  • (This Isn’t) Your First Rodeo
  • Watchman’s Requiem
  • To The Limit
  • Love Is A Heart Disease
  • Ready For The Quake
  • Bad Decisions
  • Phantom Friend
  • Waiting For The Parasites
  • Daggers Dance
  • Doomsday I’m In Love
  • Album - 7.5/10
  • Cover Art - 7.5/10
  • Songwriting - 7.5/10


Disturbingly Good


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