lucidflyReview Of LUCID FLY – Building Castles in Air

Hour Eleven Music / Vanity Music Group Released 11 October 2016

This band was new to me when i was gonna write this review, i started with blank sheets and no knowledge of this band. Lucid Fly is a melodic prog rock/metal band that first emerged from Orlando FL in 2000. When 3 musicians meet throgh music wanted adds. After having big succes in Florida they headed to Los Angeles where they now has their base.

This album was made by crowdfunding 13000 dollars. They got the bandname from a newspaper headline that read: “Lucid Flies into the Record Book,” about astronaut Shannon Lucid. Drawing influence from artists as varied as A Perfect Circle, TesseracT, Journey and Pat Bentar. The members of the band is Nikki Layne-Lead vocals Doug Mecca-Guitars Aaron Ficca-Drums. Building Castles in Air is their 4th release. After listening through album several times i found it better for each time i heard it.

The music is tight and catchy, Nikki Layne`s vocals are very good and the composition is exciting and original. This album has soaring melodies, intricate guitar work, and atmospheric gothic undertones. You get a fine mix of grunge, hard rock, prog rock, and prog metal. So this is exciting and Lucid Fly have potetial to get far. It`s nice to discover great music that you actually thought you wouldent think you would like. The opening track Billowy and broken may be my favorite song of this album toghether with the ending track Ribbons.

So to summon this, a exciting album from a band that has an exciting sound that i think will appeal to many, that i think will get many fans, if they get a proper promotion.

Track Listing

01 – Billowy and Broken
02 – Circles Into Squares
03 – Mascot
04 – No I In Voice
05 – Ribbons
06 – Visions of Grandeur
07 – Follow Through
08 – Next To Strange
09 – The Opposite
10 – Paperthin

“Lucid Fly – Visions of Grandeur”

by Geir Olaisen (aka Admin BornStubborn)

Senior administrator at Official Metalheads Forever. Writer/Editing Metalheads Forever Magazine


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