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On the 14th october norwegian veterans Darkthrone released their 17th studioalbum. When it comes to Darkthrone you never know what you are getting until you hear the album. This was a highly anticipated album after the first track Tundra Leech got released as a taste of whats to come. I had very high expectations to this album and I didn`t get dissapointed.

This is Darkthrone at its best raw and cold,  with awesome cathy riffs and Nocturno Cultos brutal vocal. It`s hard to put this album in genere since it has so many different influences, classic 90s black metal infused with their 2000s crust punk and heavy metal metal experiments. It`s one of my favorite albums so far this year, i will just say this is “cool as hell”, primitive and raw, and it worth using money on. The titletrack Arctic Thunder is my favorite track so far ,but it might change after some more listening.


Track listing

1. “Tundra Leech” 5:02
2. “Burial Bliss” 4:59
3. “Boreal Fiends” 5:50
4. “Inbred Vermin” 5:49
5. “Arctic Thunder” 4:41
6. “Throw Me Through the Marshes”5:00
7. “Deep Lake Trespass” 4:48
8. “The Wyoming Distance” 3:14
Total length: 39:23

  • - 9/10

“Darkthrone – Tundra Leech (Arctic Thunder)”

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