Where did you get the band name?

Anapsique is the name of an antidepressant, as a child I was diagnosed with depression and that was the name of the drug I was supposed to take. I’m against antidepressants because I don’t believe in such of thing like depression, we all born with different brains and eyes, now our days when a kid is running everywhere they call him hyperactive and they fill him with drugs you know? that kid could be a great sports player but instead they fill him with drugs, a depressive child can be an artist, a philosopher, but instead they fill the kid with drugs in order to stay in the school and be a “normal” person. This band is my personal anapsique, every time I’m down I know I have a shelter here and everyone is invited to my shelter, leave the burden and let the sadness rule your life.

Can you tell our readers and potential new fans what is the band “Anapsique”?

As I said, Anapsique is some kind of shelter for weak people, my main philosophy is teach and learn how to live with depression, how to use it for art and express what humans can feel, we are the only animal who can feel emotions in this level, we can love, we can hate, that’s what I get excited about, get humans to be humans.

Are you guys touring at the moment ? or still building a foundation to start first?

I’m not touring yet, but Anapsique will be around you soon!

Who does the writing primarily, or is it done by committee?

I write everything lyrical and to develop our music.


What are your music influence and what gives you artistic vision?

Everything from Black Metal to Hard Rock going through Blues, Jazz, Pop, I think having an open mind is very important, the more you listen the more references you will get to compose, of course I have special places in my heart for some bands like Mayhem, King Crimson, Burzum, Jason Becker, Gary Moore, Diapsiquir and a lot more it is impossible to pick names!

What countries would you like to eventually tour and visit and explore new territory and spread your message and your unique sound?

Every Country with humans! but I would love to do Spain, China, South Africa, Colombia and the U.S.! that’s where I get more support messages and love, but we are far from that now, with your support we can make it happen.

Are you signed to any major labels yet or in talks are you on the cusp of anything exciting in that area?

I’m on that every day, since Anapsique still like a one man band it’s pretty hard to get signed by the huge record companies, I’m like a 99% to sign a deal but i can’t say anything yet! stay tuned.

How many albums have you written?

One album, “Photocopy Machine” but I have wrote almost 200 songs in the last year, so you can expect a lot of albums coming very, very soon.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

That is a hard question! I guess sometimes the inspiration comes from living hard times, when I compose I try to figure out how sadness would sound, how happiness would sound, I try to do a very hard mental journey by not sleeping in days, I even got my lungs collapsed, I’m a totally different person when I compose because I’m always trying to “absorb” the evil of the world, it is pretty easy to anyone to get a tv and watch the news, everything is about war, sadness and desolation, but how would you use that energy and that hate? by creating something I guess.


What do you like about the recording process?

I think I’m pretty lucky to live in this generation where internet can teach you everything and be able to record everything by myself so I can get the recording process very personal but I think I don’t enjoy the recording process haha. I guess my favorite part is when I finish the drum recording and then the bass and the guitars and keyboards and everything is taking a form, as a one man band that’s pretty hard but also exciting. How does the transition of new music carry translate to a live set, how does the crowd react?

Well, they find Anapsique pretty bizarre, a lot of people writes asking what the hell I was thinking about, 50% loves it and 50% hates it, Black Metal, Bluesy Jazz and stuff is not a common thing to mix.

What are your future plans with the band and in life in general?

Work as hard as possible, Anapsique will be live at 2017 with amazing musicians that will grant me the honor of playing with them, my dream is to be a classic band of this new Blues Black Metal genre, be a 30 years old band one day and of course keep touching human’s hearts.

Any closing words or advice for your friends, family and fans here at Metalheads Forever?

Keep on tuning my friends! photocopy machine will be released soon, check out my facebook profile or page so we can meet and talk and thank you for reading.

David Maloney / Metalheads Forever Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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