Lighthouse Pathetic
Diamonds Prod
Out: January 10th, 2022
Playing Time: 45:03

Heavy Metal from Italy. Mastercastle was founded in 2008 by singer Giorgia Gueglio and guitarist Pier Gonella. The third member was bassist Steve Vawamas. These three still form the backbone of the band today. Only on the drums there have been various line-up changes. And these continue. Compared to “Wine Of Heaven”, Alessio Spallarossa is now a new member. Five years have passed since then. Now the successor “Lighthouse Pathetic” is finished.

Already on the opener “Who Cares For The Moon”, guest singer Fabio Lione (ex-Rhapsody, Angra) can be heard as a duet partner of Giorgia Gueglio. And the two harmonise perfectly with each other. Obviously he also had a hand in the production. Beautiful Melodic Rock. Pier Gonella contributes class guitar solos. You couldn’t open the album in a more atmospheric way.  The title track “The Lighthouse Pathetic” is the finest Melodic Heavy Metal. With “That’s All” the quartet has probably looked a bit beyond their own nose, in the direction of their compatriots Temperance. Here, too, there is a straight guitar solo to be heard. I don’t really know what to think of the following instrumental piece “Rosso Profondo”. OK, the musicians show their skills. But for my taste, there is too much shredding. “Call Your Wings” is of much better quality. Guitars and drums gallop ahead. But Giorgia doesn’t let herself be left behind and impressively stands up to the instrumental power. Variety is obviously very important to Mastercastle. So “Monster Whispers ” impresses with a bluesy mood. Not only the riffing reminds me of the smash hit “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles. On the other hand, “Diamonds” rocks out again. I don’t like the second instrumental “Fantastic Planet” much better. For a change, there are funky guitars and vocalises from the singer.  But here, too, the following song compensates somewhat. “Space” was already on the album debut “The Phoenix” and has been re-recorded. Once again fine Melodic Metal. Before the album reaches its culmination point. With the Accept cover “Fast As A Shark”. The vocal part of Udo Dirkschneider is taken over by Alberto Gaggiotti aka Flegias (Cadaveria, Necrodeath). And he does it absolutely sovereignly. The musicians are also in full Teutonic Metal mode. A crowning

It is not easy for me to evaluate “Lighthouse Pathetic”. But I’ll leave out the two unconvincing instrumental pieces. Then we are dealing with a good album. The Italians show their versatility and very good musical skills. The vocal performance of Giorgia Gueglio is beyond any doubt. The two aforementioned tracks drag the listening pleasure way down. Nevertheless, I have decided on a well-meaning rating.

Mastercastle – The Lighthouse Pathetic:


Alessio Spallarossa – Drums
Steve Vawamas – Bass
Pier Gonella – Guitars
Giorgia Gueglio – Vocals

Track list:

  • Who Cares for the Moon
  • The Lighthouse Pathetic
  • That’s All
  • Rosso Profondo
  • Call Your Wing
  • Monster Whispers
  • Diamonds
  • Fantastic Planet
  • Space
  • Fast as a Shark (Accept cover)
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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