Daughters Of The Night
Scarlet Records
Out: January 21st, 2022
Playing time: 38:10

Nocturna is the new Euro-metal sensation focused on the duality of founder and frontwomen Grace Darkling and Rehn Stillnight, both pictured in the beautiful artwork.

You can read these big words in the press release. But let’s stay down to earth. Bands with two female singers are nothing new. I’m thinking of Coronatus from Germany or Holy Shire from Italy, among others. Also the orientation towards idols like Nihgtwish, Powerwolf or Within Temptation I wouldn’t necessarily call a sensation. The five musicians of Nocturna hide behind more or less meaningful pseudonyms. I have seen that many times before. You don’t learn too much about the band itself. But a bit more about the producer and the artwork artist. This leads to the conclusion that Nocturna is based in Italy.

“Spectral Ruins” is an atmospheric intro. Dominated by strings, it almost has the character of a film soundtrack. But already in “New Evil” hard riffs can be heard. Of course, the epic choruses must not be missing. The vocals of both singers are clear. So the role-playing “The Beauty and the Beast” is completely abandoned. Soprano and Rock voice are clearly distinguishable. Whereby, the soprano is not forced to the highest heights and thus sounds extremely pleasant. In addition, there is a very good guitar solo. The musical scales are tipped in the direction of Power Metal. “Daughters Of The Night” starts with thrashy riffs. Fortunately, there is no exaggerated bombast here either. Instead, the drums thunder out of the speakers and set a fast rhythm. After so much power, “The Sorrow Path” starts a bit calmer, with a piano intro. Later, the rhythm section kicks in powerfully. An outstanding power ballad. Also “Sea Of Fire” belongs more to the midtempo area. Nocturna must have put a song on the album that is supposed to be played on Rock radio stations. Nice to listen to, but not nearly as good as the songs before and after it. Whoever thinks that the band has already shot their powder will be proven wrong with “Blood Of Heaven”. Here they really rock out again. The hymn “In This Tragedy” is probably the highlight of the album. Thanks to melody and rhythm changes, this song has a slightly progressive touch. And a short guitar solo is the icing on the cake. Again a piano intro. “Darkest Days” starts quietly, before a bulky riffing provides more pressure. Later highly melodic, with a sing-along chorus. Reminds me somehow of early Xandria. After the short instrumental, symphonic interlude “Nocturnal Whispers”, the album ends with a real banger. The epic “The Trickster” reminds me of Nightwish in their best days, with Tarja on the microphone. A crowning conclusion.

The label has promised a “Euro Metal sensation”. I wouldn’t go that far.  But “Daughters Of The Night” combines the best virtues of Symphonic Metal. Fortunately, the songs get by without excessive bombast. Many songs remind you of the great bands of earlier years. And that without sounding like a cheap second edition. In addition, a powerful and at the same time crystal clear production. A convincing debut album. Nocturna have what it takes to follow in the oversized footsteps of their idols.

Nocturna New Evil (Official Video):


Grace Darkling – Vocals
Rehn Stillnight – Vocals
Hedon – Guitar
Antares – Bass
Deimos – Drums

Track list:

  • Spectral Ruins
  • New Evil
  • Daughters Of The Night
  • The Sorrow Path
  • Sea Of Fire
  • Blood Of Heaven
  • In This Tragedy
  • Darkest Days
  • Nocturnal Whispers
  • The Trickster
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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