Meden Agan
My Name Is Katherine
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Out: May 3rd, 2024
Playing time: 48:46

Meden Agan have had a long history characterised by line-up changes. One of the best times was probably the period from 2008 to 2013, with singer Iliana Tsakiraki (Enemy of Reality). During this time, I was also able to experience the band live at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium in 2012. However, the departure of the singer left a big gap. Only with singer Dimitra Panariti (since 2015) was the difficult period overcome. However, there was also a clear change in sound on ‘Catharsis’. Away from symphonic metal to much heavier sounds. But that was six years ago. So, I was curious about the new album ‘My Name Is Katherine’.

‘Moth’ starts with a short piano sequence before the band literally explodes. Fast guitars and pounding drums. Then you hear Rock belter Dimitra Panariti. The keyboards mostly remain discreetly in the background. The more foregrounded keyboards at the beginning of ‘Time Like Space’ are later accompanied by hard guitar sounds. Even ‘Trapped’ has a quiet introduction at the beginning. Guitars are added again later, but not quite as brute as before. More emphasis is placed on melody here. Later, guitar solos can be heard. Dimitra screams at times and thus shows her great vocal range. ‘Shedding’ initially seems a little chaotic and hectic. Later there is a catchy chorus. ‘Rejection’ starts with a majestic intro. But Meden Agan just can’t slow down. In my opinion, however, the keyboards are somewhat overemphasised here. The vocals seem a little calmer at first, but only briefly. ‘Confident’ is also introduced briefly by keyboards. However, the guitar riffs that start shortly afterwards sound very hectic. The singer occasionally slips into an extremely high tone range, almost operatic vocals. After a short mystical introduction with some industrial elements, ‘Sickness’ is also dominated by heavy riffs. And Dimitra contributes some growls. Meden Agan obviously attach great importance to short introductions to the songs. In ‘Victorious’, this is driven by the drums and seems gloomy. But then they really get rocking again. ‘Beyond Any Suspicion’ starts again with a slight Industrial touch. The following riffs are very rhythmic, the vocals are in two voices and very catchy. Despite the omnipresent keyboard staccatos, this is the highlight of the album for me. The crowning glory is the guitar solo. At the end, ‘Transition’ again features keyboard carpets and roaring guitars. And this time the singer moves in lower tone ranges.

Meden Agan go full throttle for forty-eight minutes. ‘My Name Is Katherine’ reaches a similarly high level as the previous album. Certainly, the times with Iliana have passed. The quality of that era remains unreached. But the Greeks have found their new sound and are on the right track.

Meden Agan – Moth:


Dimitra Panariti – Vocals
Diman Koutsogiannopoulos – Guitars
Apostolos Mikroulis – Keyboards
Pantelis Sakkas – Bass

Track list:

  • Moth
  • Time Like Space
  • Trapped
  • Shedding
  • Rejection
  • Confident
  • Sickness
  • Victorious
  • Beyond Any Suspicion
  • Transition
  • Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Disturbingly Good


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