Formed in 2012 by brothers Tim Scott, Dylan Campbell and Tim´s longtime friend Jimi Mästerbo METHANE has offered everyone some pure attitude with their music mixing “southern”, “thrash” and “groove” metal. This debut full-length was just released, 17.02.2017 including also new recordings of their earlier singles “, with their partnership with Sony/DarkStar.

Personally I was very fortunate to be around several months ago when they played a little gig at our local Bar Loose in Helsinki. Right from the start I knew this will be something else… So much aggression and pure “Fuck off”-attitude it just hit everyone like a hammer. After a couple of beers (more) even harder… Damn!!

Time to take a listen to this at home, alone of course.  BOOOOM!!! Right from the start the album just blows up Your mind with its furious anger of the title track “The Devil’s own”. Following the songs like “Scars and bars” and their earlier single “Blood, sweat and beer” show You these guys mean business… And the business is going strong.

Simple, strong and very heavy riffs added with hammering drums, insane solos, thunderous bass-lines and not that “clean” vocals makes You want to sing along and bang Your head off Your shoulders just after having a little more beer…  A perfect combination of thrash, groove, southern and also just a bit of  “punk” (middle fingers high of course) to spice things up. What makes this really interesting is how they also added some softer, sadder, melancholic elements to make the whole album even more original… The song “Stone garden” is just a perfect example how to make ballads so fucking heavy with its dark atmosphere.  And what a way to end this… “Hang me high” with its so calm intro just before the storm… A perfect song after some booze, losing Your hearing and having the feeling You just got hit by a truck and want to get up to experience the whole story again…

The album “The Devil’s own”

The band “Methane”

Overall… If You happen to be a fan of bands like Pantera, LOG, Slayer etc. Check this one, all the best parts of those combined to a very heavy and tight little package. The real strength of this album is that it has absolutely no weaknesses… Tried to be critical, but I have to admit, I failed.

Of course some points to be given:

Rating: 9/10

(10/10 when live and having a beer in Your hand and a lot of friends around You)


Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela / MHF

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