Rajalla, formed in Helsinki in 2011 are now ready to kick some ass. After a couple of demos they just released their debut full-length album called “Diktaattori”. The band itself had a great gig at our local “Rock Bear” bar the same day 30.12.2016. Lucky me I just happened to be around, and not even drunk. Right from the start giving that “out of our way fuckers !!”-attitude, with so much intense, aggression and passion included… It just blew my mind to thousands of pieces, made me spill my beer and almost choke on my cigarette. Haven´t heard this kind of mixture of straight forward thrash, some groove and even a little punk tied to a tight little package for a long time, very refreshing. Lost my voice and hearing but who cares, I have to get this album.

Got this album a couple of days ago, time to start listening and finding out a bit more…
Total of 13 tracks, everyone in Finnish, giving everyone a little journey to the world of modern Finnish thrash. Starting with the title track “Diktaattori” You will have some expectations what´s going to be next… WRONG, think again. The following “EVK” & “Etsijä” will show You what is the deal with these guys… Heavy, intensive, frantic riffs, pounding drums and of course powerful bass and angry vocals. Next one “Arpa” is actually a pretty nice surprise when offering also some melodic singing and true Finnish melancholy just to make this journey even more interesting. Just as You’ve calmed down a bit, songs like “Ihmisviha”, “Taakka” and especially “Vihankieltäjä”  bring You back to “straight forward”-mode… A bit tempo changes with “Rajan taa” and then again… Full speed ahead with “Viisi vastaan yksi” and the rest of the songs.

To me this album is just a perfect example which shows modern thrash with some elements from other genres is alive and kicking. Not just a bunch of teens mad at everything and everyone, but a great job by talented musicians, having some life experience and telling their stories and doing what they surely know how do… Making You bang Your head and play this album so loudly the neighbors will have a stroke.

Only minor problem here is, of course the language barrier… Singing in Finnish and every single track is a little story, lyrical themes here mostly about living, learning, making mistakes, experiences, being sad, rising from the ashes etc. etc… The life itself.

Easily 9 out of 10 points, well worth the money… Can´t wait for more in the near future.

Rating: 9/10

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