My own Ghost
Shadow People
Label: Massacre Records
Out: October 14th, 2022
Playing time: 44:13

Until five years ago, there was no connection between Luxembourg and Metal for me. Then two bands from this small European Grand Duchy contacted me. One of them were My own Ghost, who released their second studio album in April 2017. After “Love Kills” (2014) and “Life On Standby” (2017), a five-year break followed. In the meantime, the band has shrunk to a quartet. And after the recordings were finished, bassist Joe May probably also left the band and had to be replaced. However, the musicians could also announce a success, a record deal with Massacre Records. And under this banner, the third album “Shadow People” will now be released.

My own Ghost decided to open their third album with an intro. I would have liked them to do without “10-97 Downtown”. And would have gone straight into full swing with “DecadenCity”. Here the Luxembourgers play to their strengths, powerful Melodic Metal, an excellent vocal performance by Julie Rodesch, who is not afraid to experiment with her voice. And to crown it all, a great guitar solo. The synth introduction of “Jet Black Heartbreak” brings in a slightly pop-like beat. But don’t worry, later we hear Melodic Metal again. Industrial sounds introduce “Between Now And The End”. Later, thanks to the synthie passages, this genre orientation is continued. A midtempo Pop-Rock song. “Regrets From The Past” is much quieter, with a partly anthemic touch. “Number 2110” starts again with Industrial sounds. Later, however, the guitars start to bang. My own Ghost pick up much more speed here than before. The pop-rocker “Remember” is again in the midtempo range. With a nice sing-along refrain. After that, “Shadow In Your Room” stomps blithely along. Black Rose Motel” is a bit faster. Also, thanks to the use of the Double Bass. For a Metal album it is surprising that the longest song is only 4:20 long. But “Home” with its catchy melody is one of the highlights of the album. Also, “Dark River” is very catchy in large parts and has a chorus that can easily be sung along. And is rounded off by a good guitar solo. However, the interspersed synthie sounds diminish the listening pleasure a little. Even “Somebody Else’s Sky” is very catchy. After engine and car noises, the last song “Nightdrive” is once again a lively Rock/Metal song. The guitars fry one last time, guitarist David Soppelsa convinces with another solo.

With “Shadow People”, My own Ghost are on the similar level as their predecessor. Although the current album sounds more playful and multi-faceted. Even though there is no real hit in my opinion, all the songs would definitely fit on playlists of Rock Radio stations. Once again, the comparison to Beyond the Black comes to mind. But the sound of My own Ghost seems more authentic and not so obsessively filled with Metal elements.

With stylistic confidence, the musicians walk the fine line between pretension and cheesiness.

That’s what I last wrote in the album review. And that’s probably also the band’s recipe for success.

My Own Ghost – Nightdrive (Official Video):


Album Line-Up:

Julie Rodesch – Gesang
David Soppelsa – Gitarren
Joe May – Bass
Michael Stein – Drums

Aktuelles Line-Up:

Julie Rodesch – Gesang
David Soppelsa – Gitarren
Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson – Bass
Michael Stein – Drums

Track list:

  • 10-97 Downtown
  • DecadenCity
  • Jet Black Heartbreak
  • Between Now And The End
  • Regrets From The Past
  • Number 2110
  • Remember
  • Shadow In Your Room
  • Black Rose Motel
  • Home
  • Dark River
  • Somebody Else’s Sky
  • Nightdrive
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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