The Hammer Of The Witch
Label: Black Legion Records / Ultraviolencia Label & Distro
Out: April 30th, 2024
Playing time: 35:29

Fátima Natthammer (ex – Mandragora), decides to form her own project at the beginning of 2018, under the name of Natthammer oriented towards a hard rock / heavy metal style. 

This is the introduction to the short press release. The singer (whose real name is Fátima del Carmen) also produced her first self-titled album (2019) by herself, together with musician César Gonzáles Salav. Apart from that, there has only been one EP and countless single releases so far. But that has now changed: the follow-up “The Hammer of the Witch” was released at the end of April, with seven songs written in traditional Heavy Metal style.

A short introduction before “Don’t Burn The Witch” kicks off mercilessly. The band sets a high tempo right from the start. Rock belter Fátima Natthammer naturally takes centre stage. Not surprising, as this is her project. “Steel Warrior” is in the same vein. The riffs dominate here. So who is the driving force? Fatima her musicians? Or vice versa? There is another short introduction with “Evil Nightmare”. But the musicians soon take no prisoners here either. Although it later becomes a little quieter, more rhythmic and with a little more melody. “Guardian Of Light” picks up the tempo again. So once again the competition between singer and rhythm section. Anyone who thinks the musicians need a break will be proved wrong with “The Traitor With Lizard Eyes”, although the tempo is slowed down a little. Once again, very rhythmic guitar work and great hook lines. It can justifiably be described as the Metal anthem of the album. “Queen Of Acid Skies”, on the other hand, again tends towards Speed Metal. The final song “Visionary” then offers the long-awaited breather. And here, too, Natthammer get down to business. We hear a great power ballad. At the end, however, it really picks up speed and thus temporarily leaves the ballad like realm.

Even if the album cover seems a bit cheesy, the songs on it definitely aren’t. This is finely crafted and straightforwardly celebrated Heavy Metal. The figurehead is clearly singer Fatima. But her fellow musicians don’t cut a bad figure either. Although I can’t help thinking that they don’t fully realise their potential. The charisma of the singer is too overpowering.

Natthammer – Guardian Of Light:


Fátima “Natthammer” – Vocals (lead)
Current (Live)
Álvaro Fontana – Bass
Diego Porturas – Drums
Aquiles Solar – Guitars
Pedro Bernales – Guitars (rhythm) 

Track list:

  • Don’t Burn The Witch
  • Steel Warrior
  • Guardian Of Light
  • The Traitor With Lizard Eyes
  • Queen Of Acid Skies
  • Visionary
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover-Art - 7/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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