“Obituary” – Obituary Cd-Review by Geir Olaisen

Obituary is one of the real pioneers of Death Metal, they started as early as in 1985 under the name Xecutioner. In 1989 they came out with their first album Slowly we rot, a real death metal classic and the year after they gave out another awesome album Cause of death. In 1997 after their album Back from the dead they took a 6 year long break; before the returned in 2003. Obituary-Obituary is their 10th full length release. The sound on this album is a litle cleaner and seem a litle more well-produced. But you can instantly hear it is Obituary.

From the first track Brave until last track Ten thousand ways it`s a enjoyable masterpiece of death metal.

This is one hell of an album and I think both old and new fans of this genere will enjoy this album.

John Tardys is growling is as brutal as in the old days, Donald Tardy and Trevor Perez is as steady as always and Kenny Andrews play some great solo`s. So if you like good death metal this is an album you should purchase.

My favorite track on the album is A lesson in vengance. 10/10

01. Brave
02. Sentence Day
03. Lesson in Vengeance
04. End It Now
05. Kneel Before Me
06. It Lives
07. Betrayed
08. Turned to Stone
09. Straight to Hell
10. Ten Thousand Ways to Die
*11. No hope (on deluxe edition)

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