“Torment” – CD REVIEW by Farah Saoud

“The promising Moroccan creativity” Torment is a musical metal project, of a Moroccan musician and composer Sami Jawahir since 2010.

Sami Jawahir is a professional keyboard player, with an extensive career ; He started out in casablanca in 1993, as a member of a trash metal underground band, taking inspiration from (Metallica, iron maiden, Guns n’roses..) and playing covers in clubs around the city . Later he joined a various metal bands in different genders; and then Sami began to provide his skills by studying music that help him create his own muse “Torment”. in which Sami Jawahir’s project Torment is a fusion of several kinds of metal sub-Genres (progressive, melodic, neo-classical, orchestral riffs) he did all the instruments only with the keyboard.

“Aurora ” is the first full length album of Sami’s project Torment , as well as his first record, was independently released in 2015 with no vocals; the starts out with melodic prog riffs and chants in the style to be soft by [ Borealis Australis] ; the song actually doesn’t have very many strong tunes; it’s probably my favourite song from the album.

“Extreme ” second album was released in the year of 2017 through basic records, this album was relatively longer and shows a lot of progressive metal influences.

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