Onslaught – Generation Antichrist


Generation Antichrist

AFM Records

Thrash Metal

FFO: Sodom, Destruction, Slayer, Xentrix, Shrapnel, Warbringer, Havok

Onslaught may be one of thrash metals’ forgotten bands; but the British band have garnered a cult following over the course of their near 40-year career. However, following a line-up reshuffle with saw David Garnett replacing Sy Keeler after the long serving vocalist stepping down from the position as well as Wayne Dorman joining the fold on guitar. This means that Onslaught are finally following up 2013’s hotly received ‘VI’ with the latest album ‘Generation Antichrist’.

                There is no denying it, but ‘Generation Antichrist’ fires out of the traps with all the furious blazing of an M-16; this is the sound of a band re-energised, re-invigorated and with something to say about modern society. In fact, over the course of 35 minutes, this album goes not give any ground, it is a relentless barrage of thrash metal as tracks such as ‘Strike Fast Strike Hard’, ‘Bow Down to the Clowns’ and the title track leave the listener with more than just a bloody nose. Furthermore, bandleader Nige Rockett has never been a slouch in the writing department and this once again comes through in buckets, but the plaudits here go to Garnett and Dorman who stamp their authority all over ‘Generation Antichrist’; Garnett shows that he can rival Keeler in every way shape and form as his vocals prowl and snarl through an excellent production that allows every instrument to be heard and digested with ease with a punchy and crisp production that would appeal to fans of Shrapnel, Warbringer and Havok, whilst the old-school vibe attaches itself to the likes of Slayer, Destruction and Sodom.

                Ultimately, Onslaught haven’t sounded this good for a long time, ‘Generation Antichrist’ is fired up and running on all cylinders. This album heralds an entire new chapter for Onslaught and any self-respecting fan of thrash metal should go out of their way to get and listen to this album.


Adam McCann