Praecantator’s Arcane Sceptre

Album Review by Monica Redwine

Here’s a real treat for you guys: Praecantator. They are a black metal band from South East England, and they are pretty amazing. Arcane Sceptre, a 4-track EP, was released on 4/22/18 with Morning Star Heathen Music Group, and it is excellent! If you venture onto the their bandcamp page (I’ll share the links below) you can listen to the EP and even see the lyrics—that’s always a bonus for me. My favorite from the EP is “The Summoning…”, with lyrics like:

Benign, dormant be the wrath,

Until, summoned by the script,

Astray, lost is the chaos,

Until, released from dormancy,

Archaic, be the spells of forgotten time,

Chanted, by a figure of purest black.

If you search for them on YouTube you can get a bonus track starting at 18 min. 52 seconds, a short masterpiece titled “Praecantator” (this video is found on Black Metal Promotion’s YouTube page, but it comes up if you search for the band). If you are a black metal fan, you definitely want to give them a listen!!! If you want to see them live you can catch them on the following dates:

5/31- The Angel Microbrewery    Nottingham, UK

6/9- Fuel Rock Club      Cardiff, UK

6/14- Our Black Heart     Camden, UK

9/8- Manchester Death Feast     Manchester, UK

10/5- The Blackwood Gathering     Cumbria, UK


Track listing:

Arcane Sceptre

The Summoning…


In the Winter’s Shadow


Band members:

Dayolith- bass/vocals

Normakk- guitar

Namurtus- guitar

Biaal- drums



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