Krepuskul’s Hybrid

Album Review by Monica Redwine

Hybrid is the third album from Transylvanian experimental/melodic death metal band Krepuskul. The album was released on 11/6/17 with Morning Star Heathens Music Group, and it a is a powerful album indeed. It starts off strong right out the gate with “OCS (Let’s Start a War)” and it does not stop through the entirety of the album. My favorite from the album is “Under the Black Flag”. This song is like an anthem: “We stand under no flag but the black flag!”, “We bow to no one!”, and “Now we know who we are, the future starts now.” The intensity level on this one is incredible for me and makes me wish that I was seeing them in person right that second! It’s so good in fact that I had to add the entire album to my Spotify playlist as soon as I heard it (yes, they’re on Spotify) and I’m definitely going to be buying the album. I really cannot express enough how much I recommend this album.

Band members:

  • Andu Anches- bass/vocals
  • Alex Taricci- drums
  • Marcel Ruso- guitar/vocals
  • Mario Ioanici- guitar


Track list:

  1. OCS (Let’s Start a War)
  2. Hybrid High Breed
  3. As Long as You See the Sky
  4. The Disciples
  5. The Limits of Hate
  6. Under the Black Flag
  7. Psychotherapy
  8. The Will Fall
  9. Awake 17

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