God In A Cone – Earth My Prison

Album Review by Monica Redwine

God in a Cone is a one-man band from Greece. The one-man in charge of the band is Nick Marinos, a very talented individual indeed. The latest release, Earth My Prison, continues to exhibit that talent. The 7-track album was released on March 14, 2018, and there are several videos up on youtube, including my favorite from the album, “Inside the Globe”, and my favorite by them over-all so far, “Hand” (the video is killer and so is the song). The cover art for Earth My Prison is very interesting and beautiful in a twisted way and can be seen on the Facebook page where you can also find links to many of the videos. The sound of this album is mixed, meaning it doesn’t really fall into one genre, which is fine with me since I listen to a variety of things and don’t particularly care about genre-labels anyway. But if I had to describe God in a Cone I would say it’s a range of grunge, industrial, metal, funk, stoner… just an eclectic variety and it works!

Not only is the music awesome, but so is the man behind the scenes. I wanted to know a little more about him and his interesting sound, and had the chance to ask him a few questions:

ME: Who are some of your musical influences/favorite bands?

Nick: All genres of music, especially rock, grunge, industrial and metal.

ME: Is there a particular artist you would like to collaborate with one day for a song?

Nick: Any that would like to experiment on various music styles.

ME: You said you are working on a new album- what can we expect and when do you think it   will be ready?

Nick: Correct. It will take some time sand it will blend again various rock styles.

ME: Is there anything else you would to say to your fans?

Nick: They are awesome since they love to support underground bands!

If you’d like to buy the album you can search God in a Cone up at www.facebook.com/GodinaCone and contact them there- I bought it from Nick himself. You can also see the awesome videos by going to their Facebook or YouTube channels. I highly suggest buying the album! It’s worth it!

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