Reasons Behind
Project : M.I.S.T.
Scarlet Records
August 21, 2020

The next level combination of modern-day heavy metal and cyberpunk science fiction!

So, you can read in the press info for the second album of the Italian band Reasons Behind. Sure, labels and promoters always have to come up with something new to make “their bands” stand out from the crowd. I know the debut album “The Alpha Memory” (2014). And I like to think that the musicians around nightingale Elisa Bonafè and guitarist Gabriele Sapori went to work with great commitment. They also took their time enough. It has been almost six years now. And like its predecessor, “Project: M.I.S.T.” is a concept album that focuses on life and reality. The album was mixed and mastered by Giuseppe “Dualized” Bassi (including Fear Factory, Mnemic). The artwork is by Gustavo Sazes (Amaranthe, Epica, Angra, Arch Enemy).

It doesn’t work without an intro. So here too. In the dark “Unplugged” you hear a lot of electronic gadgets. It’s kind of synth pop. Well, who likes it? “Fireflies In The Wind” also starts with synths. However, the rhythm fraction provides a little metallic hardness. An extremely melodic song. Pop metal. Apart from the somewhat annoying keyboards, not bad. But what is immediately noticeable positive lowered voice of singer Elisa Bonafè. In previous works, she always tried to sing high notes, which sounded but every now and then something flashy. The energetic “A Hidden Thread” follows. The song is certainly well received live. Then again, the superficial synths that paste the rocky sound of “Shades Of Neon” a little. “Ghostwired” and also “Beyond The Black” have a slight Gothic edge. “Living A Lie” is lively and melodic again. The chorus encourages you to sing along. At “Binary Stars” you can hear the best vocal performance by Elisa. Some of the vocals are technically distorted. The melody and the arrangement are quite varied. And guitarist Gabriele Sapori indicates his skills here. The interlude “Between Here And Awake” sounds a little dark. The vocals are quieter and somehow come from the background while the synth gimmicks dominate. Not necessary. “(E) met” starts with the singer’s spoken words. Otherwise the song sounds rhythmic and sometimes hectic. Especially because of the slightly harder riffs. For fans of unadulterated symphonic metal, “No Dawn To Come” follows at the end. For me it’s the best song on the album.

Sure, Reasons Behind have evolved musically. Above all, the singing performance of Elisa Bonafè can convince. The compositions also sound more sophisticated. But the arrangements are a bit weak. I don’t like the extensive use of the synthies at all. Mainly because the band doesn’t have a keyboardist in their ranks. So they all have to be imported from the computer during live performances. And I have not been a fan of this for a long time. And heavy metal is a bit short for me here. I liked the album debut “The Alpha Memory” much better.

REASONS BEHIND – Binary Stars:


Gabriele Sapori – Guitars
Elisa Bonafè – Vocals
Michele Cavalca – Bass
Andrea Gambini – Drums

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: August 21st, 2020

Playing time: 35:34

Track list:

  • Unplugged
  • Fireflies In The Wind
  • A Hidden Thread
  • Shades Of Neon
  • Ghostwired
  • Beyond The Black
  • Living A Lie
  • Binary Stars
  • Between Here And Awake
  • (E)met
  • No Dawn To Come
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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