The Dancing Mermaid
STF Records
August 7,2020

It’s always difficult to go on when a band’s figurehead (usually the singer) suddenly and unexpectedly breaks away. This is what happened with the German prog metal band Yargos, whose singer Andrew McDermitt died in 2011 six months before the release of the second and to date last album. After that, the band was on hold for many years. But the decision was made to continue with a new singer. And so, the third album The Dancing Mermaid is coming released these days.

After a short intro, Yargos start with “Annie, Oh Mine” in a dark, melodic way. Especially the use of deep (female?) Growls and the thunderstorm sounds sometimes create a dystopian atmosphere. “You won’t get far” doesn’t sound so gloomy anymore and places more value on the melodic sing-along chorus, which is also often used in the further course of the album. This song also uses growls. With “Mine complete” the tempo is increased for the first time and there is plenty of double bass. Great guitar and keyboard solos complete the song. For the first time, more frequent changes in tempo are used in “You push me”. Surprisingly, the last lyrics line is intoned in German, although you have to listen a little more carefully to understand it. It follows with “Where are you now” the first of three long tracks (over 8-9 minutes). As usual with such long songs, a lot happens. Tempo changes, choirs, solos and of course plenty of melodies keep boredom out of the picture and keep the tension high. In keeping with the corona crisis, during the second-long track everyone is contaminated. However, the battle cry for “Contaminated (We‘re all damned)” is the word “Infected”, which makes . Again, all trademarks of the band are used again.

The last 6 songs are also varied and excitingly composed. So the 73 minutes of the album go by very quickly without it appearing lengthy. In addition, Yargos get by without unnecessary bombast and annoying fiddling. A feature that is not offered too often. A great comeback that not many bands have managed.

Yargos – Annie, Oh Mine: https://youtu.be/u1UrOCxU9A4


Wieland “Wielo” Hofmeister – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Piano, Programming
Ossy Pfeiffer – Piano, Keyboards, Bass Keys, Hammond Organ, Drums, Vocals (backing)
Peter Pichl – Bass
Andreas “Andigitarre” Kienitz – Guitars (lead)
Kai Reuter – Guitars
Fritz Randow – Drums
Becky Gaber – Vocals

Track list:

  • The Storm is Coming
  • Annie, Oh Mine
  • You Won’t Get Far
  • Mine Complete
  • You Push Me
  • Where Are You Now
  • Contaminated (We’re All Damned)
  • Two Girls (Don’t Come Knocking)
  • Boneshaker
  • All Your Demons
  • It’s Breeding
  • Lie to Me
  • (If I Only Could) Turn Back Time
  • The Storm Is Passing
  • Album - 8/10
  • Album Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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